Is this the longest running horse racing system scam in UK history?

by Patrick on August 21, 2017

Is this the longest running horse racing system scam in UK history?

Warning: The following article will contain strong language, viewer discretion is advised.


I’d first like to thank everyone that made this article possible, everyone that helped in their own way and contributed in some form or another to combat against online bullying, scamming, deception, fraud, criminality and a whole host of other nasty vile things that were discovered along the way. 

For those of you who have never been to this website before, please consider to read the articles listed at the top right of this page from the “part 5” article upwards, this will ensure you will have a clearer understanding of what’s about to happen on this article. You could of course read this one first, and then read the other articles, after all, it doesn’t matter which way you read them, the deception and all the rest of this person’s scamming remains the same, within them.


Hello and welcome,

You’re in for a treat. Some of the situations you will witness within this article will blow your mind, I guarantee it!

This article will be long. As you can see from the headline, if we’re talking about the longest running scam in the UK ever, it’s going to take some explaining. This could be the longest running scam in the world, who knows? It could turn out to be, the longest article in the world too, I’ll be doing my best to keep up the humour throughout this “world exclusive article”. Maybe some newspapers might pick up on it, and publish it. Now that would be fun.

We’re going to meet some new characters along the way and we’ll be tying up any loose ends of those characters we’ve already met. I will also be trying my utmost to keep it as short and sweet as I possibly can. My advice to you is to keep your browser tab open and let it all soak in, in as few, or as many, bite sized chunks as you can handle.

To make this article as interactive as possible, I will include not only screenshot evidence of the scam taking place, but also video and audio evidence.

Near the bottom of this post I will be asking you to personally make your own contribution via your own personal story with this person, or if you’d like to leave comments, I will provide a Facebook link for you to do so.

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If you can help by getting this article out there, you will have done your good deed for the day 😀

There will also be links on this article providing verifiable evidence, that is, all part of this massive scam. The links will be colored in green, you’ll need to click on them to view what is on those links.

All of the links I provide are safe. If you’d like to see how safe this site is, please visit and insert this website’s address or you can use this link I’ve prepared with this website’s address Google.

Along the way I will try my best to point you in the right direction, so that you’ll know what you’re looking for, some things will be obvious and others hard to comprehend or find, without some form of commentary.

To make this article as short as possible, I am going to refrain from showing you so many squabbles that this person has presented to me. Their tactics have been to attack myself, you will see some accounts of this, even in the form of death threats, and we already know about this person’s consistent lying as has been proven in my previous articles. You will see plenty more of his lying on this article, and I will point it out to you as this article progresses.

My tactics have been to mirror this person and give them a taste of their own medicine. 

The whole purpose of this website when I set it up, was to inform people of this person’s scam, and also to get to the bottom of who he really is. Today we will all find out the whole truth about this person’s identity. Another more important purpose of this website is, that its existence on the internet is purely for “the common good”.

This scammer has scammed possibly thousands of people over the course of more than 20 years.  Hopefully this article will put him behind bars for more than 20 years, Normally I wouldn’t say such things but this is no ordinary case of normal. So let’s begin with a very quick background and how this website came into existence.


The opening scene 


About two and a half years ago I used to tip horses in a public chat room and then a person going by the name of “Mr. Scott Simpson” came along and also started tipping.

This went on for 6 months. Sometimes I would see him tipping two horses in a three horse race, and both would lose, but mostly he picked anywhere from 3 to 5 or even 6 horses in a race. Even after 6 months it was hard to follow his own terminology that he used to describe his own so called bets. He called them codes and he had different stories for different codes. He never showed anyone any receipts of his bets, even though people asked him for them. (Red flags right there if any of you wish to follow any tipster out there, always see if those tipsters are betting on the selections they are tipping.)

Then one day he tried the scam in the chat. I was a moderator on the chat. I visited his link which was at the time, he has since abandoned the website, ever since this one was made. You can see how it did look here minus some pictures, you don’t have to read anything on it, it’s mostly gibberish, but if you really want to, knock yourself out

On the last link if you scroll all the way down to near the bottom, you’ll see some so called reviews left by people, it’s the last name that caught my attention, the name “James Alexander”.

You see as Scott Simpson was looking very much like this…

And this…

He was also appearing to the general public with the following name…

“Scott”, aka James had it pretty cushy, that was until he shared his scamming website with myself in the public chat room. Let’s call him “Scott” for the time being, he likes that name at the moment and is using a different variation of it at the moment by calling himself “Scott Alexander” here’s his fake facebook profile that used to be “Scott Simpson” up until recently. You’ll need to be signed into Facebook, to see any Facebook links in any article on this website 🙂

So after he sent me a link to his website, he sent me his link to his Facebook group which he has now deactivated. On the group there was two admins. You’ve guessed it “Scott Simpson and James Alexander”. This is shown here in this following screenshot…

Now if you scroll up to first screenshots of Scott and James on Facebook, you’ll see that both of those preview pictures match and just in case you’re not too sure, here’s another picture that you can see the preview picture more closely

And what a lovely doggy, we’ll get back to the pooch further on, he or she has even grassed up Scott.

So with all of this information that I had, and seeing a large degree of deception afoot, I dived in further and did some research which lead me to creating this article

It only takes a few minutes to read, and how important that article became to be, as it’s absolutely paramount to THIS article and how it will fully expose this scam for what it is, and ultimately who’s really behind it.

It wasn’t long after I had discovered this deception, and created not only this website but also a Facebook page here warning people of this scam, that’s when people started to tell me their own stories of how they were scammed by this person, some for thousands of pounds, but what really caught my attention was a heart breaking story of someone who has a special needs child. “Scott” had scammed this person, fully aware of their situation in their home. It really broke my heart hearing this. So I have kept this website online ever since in the hopes that, Scott doesn’t ever get to do this to anyone ever again.

I am proud to say that this website has run ad free and donation free for years, there is no way that I would ever consider, any possibility of profiting from this situation.



So that was the story briefly, of how this website came to be. Not a great story to be honest, and one that I would of hoped, that I wouldn’t of had to tell, or get anyone else to tell to anybody else in their lifetimes. But stories must be told especially true stories.

You see this is just the tip of the iceberg, and I will be showing you lots more of this deception as the next part of this story unfolds.

To do that I will be sharing with you some timelines, the first of which is in this article You can also read it on the second link up from the last, if you’re having any trouble using this last link. This article lead me to believe that his real name was Peter Kearney, but how wrong I was.

Some things to note from that article that will be useful later on, is the company he used “Active Consultants Limited” and also the names mentioned like “James Alexander”, “Peter Kearney”, and “Peter James”. None of which are his real names and I will bring this to your attention later on in this article, because this is another part of the deception separate from the scamming side of this person’s criminal activities. If this person isn’t Peter Kearney, like it says in the article in the last link, then there has been a massive deception after been put in place on the court system in more ways than one, and I will prove to you that none of those names are his own. And that the court has been scammed in it’s own right, or could we say has he scammed the Queen of England in her own courtroom?

The James Alexander of Formby article I came across doing a Google search for “James Alexander horse racing scam“.

As you can see for yourself, this account of how he was scamming people, (vulnerable people in most cases) its first instance, is mentioned in the year 1995.

Twenty two years ago.

And as you can tell, the year 1995 was a time when internet connections were far and few between, especially in private households in the UK at that time, and even then people used dial up, so things were awfully slow on the webpage loading front, the person behind this scam was involved mainly in postal and telephone fraud at that time, by 2004 he had progressed to advertisements, more than likely in newspapers but they could have also been found on other mediums such as the internet by 2004.

What we do know for certain, is that BEFORE the gambled horses dot “com” website existed, there was the gambled horses dot “” website that we can see here thanks to the wayback machine, which takes snapshots of websites over the course of their existence, something our “Scott” didn’t fully comprehend at the start of his online scamming, was that the internet has been recording all of his activities online during this time.


  • Top tip! You will see a lot of links like the ones below, starting with, they can be slow to load. To make it faster if you don’t like waiting, take the last part of the link right up to “http”, highlight it, then copy and paste onto another tab, some links will not be currently active, so you’ll have to wait for the server to load the website, to show you what they looked like in the past.


Here is his first entry on his first website way back in 2009


Through his own “what am I about page” he’s looking to confide in people’s trust by reassuring them that he’s been in the “horse racing markets for 12 years”. Or since sometime around 1997.

To someone who was reading that at the time, and wasn’t into horse racing for 12 years or any amount of time at all, and they wanted to learn, even if it would cost them money to do so, you could say it would seem attractive to them, with all these promises of getting rich, and by the year 2011 things had changed on as you can see here and here.

In the first link on my last paragraph, you can see the name “Scott James” being used, ring any bells? The second link you can see another link at the top of the page that is this link and if we take the last part of that link,  it’s still active.


This is where all of his proofing was done for a number of years. A quick look at my own summary of his proofing on this article will tell you all you need to know about that aspect and you can of course, cross reference and double check these to make sure my summary and figures are correct in this article. you can find the same graphs in all 5 parts of those 1-5 part articles by clicking the totals on the racing-index link above, they just look new because they updated the website recently, some time after my original screenshots were taken, but the figures remain the same. As does all of his selections during that period.

Proofing selections is very like recording your bets to show a history of how good or how bad you are doing on paper, tipping horses, rather than risking money. It’s a bit like fantasy football except with horses.

By the time I had reached this stage of my investigations I thought, that was about it, but how wrong I was. I kept digging up more and more stuff as time went by, I met some good people along the way, some who helped me immensely, either by thwarting Scott or by providing me with some valuable information.

Would you believe me if I told you that it was the scammer himself that helped me the most in finding out who he was?

Well it’s 100% true and in a world exclusive that I am about to share with you, all will be revealed as we press on past his bullshit and get down to the nitty gritty and piece all of this together.

Let’s take a look at this, and link this person to those websites gambledhorses dot com and dot….

First up is those names and the website.

And the same again in the one below.

In the following screenshot you can see both names being used, this time with the .com version of gambled horses…

The following is just to show you this picture about delusions, it has a part to play as we go on and also how he’s welcoming people to a large group he ran with both of the Scott Simpson and James Alexander fake profiles he was using at the time, calling it the “Horse Racing Specialist”. As many of you who are already aware of his scamming, you’ll know already know much he changes the names of Facebook groups he runs. This is just one of many, we’ll get to some of the others as we go on.

Here we have him signed into Google plus as gambled horses, with the word “ME” above his picture.


And here he has a profile for an online radio website with the word “tradetownmail”



So one day I was visiting Facebook groups that this scammer was holed up in, and my purpose there was to warn others of his criminal ways. So I left some comments as “Andrew Collard” on some posts he left, here is one such comment.

You can see, I tried to reply but he had removed my ability to do so, but then he started to message me

Here is the conversation that ensued…

Ok I have to admit it and put my hands up here, I lied to him about a few things, but as you can see the conversation just happened to change that way, so I used it to my advantage to gain his trust. 

And boy did it pay off. As you can see from the following screenshot we had become friends, at least on our own two fake Facebook profiles.

Then when I had become friends with his long standing facebook profile, (one of his many I may add) what I did was, collect evidence via video capture and even took a few screenshots, what you will see in the following video is me going through his pictures on his profile, you’ll get to see some of his art work, ranging from multiple instances of different names for groups that he used, and general graphics he’s used on his Facebook pages and groups he ran.

Although this will get you acquainted with his artwork, the most important part of the following Youtube video is from the five minute mark onwards. You’ll see the website name “” imposed on some pictures of beds, which we will get to later on.

The many businesses of deceptive “Scott”

We all know how he loves selling those beds, and writing reviews about them as James Alexander or Denise Booth and also using the email under the name of Scott Alexander. Who could forget his infamous website, what a wake up call that turned out to be.


But what bed wouldn’t be complete without some sort of star system to go with it? 


Well let me present to you some of scott’s own artwork that he sent to be placed as an ad in his local newspaper.


You see originally this file came in .pdf format (better known as ebooks) as shown in the file above. You don’t need to download the file I’ll add a screenshot here.


So there’s a couple of things in the above we need to take note of and the first is the telephone numbers, the first one of which is


You can see just by searching for that number on the second link it’s a match for the Barnsley Chronicle link, the paper he sent the link to.


Then if we do a search for the remaining number


It’s a match for “Barnsley Business & Innovation Centre” or “BBIC” for short.


This means, that in order for “Scott” to pick up the phone to take an order, he would of had to have been working out of the Barnsley Business & Innovation Centre as you can see here. This could have been his own legit business but that’s for you to decide. I’m all for business that is honest, and this does indeed look like it’s honest work if you were reading this for the first time. 


The other thing we have to take notice of is the youtube address Yea it’s not working, but that’s ok, here’s one that does for the time being. I’ll also add some screenshots.


You can see two instances of “Starfield ceilings” above and here’s two screenshots of one of those videos, the first is at the start of the video and the other is from the end of the video. These videos are “Scott’s” productions. As you can see, even though the video titles are “Starfield ceilings”, that quickly changes during the video production to “Stargazer ceilings” and there’s the decommissioned website below the video, as well as signing off as “Scott” with his “” email, this matches with his artwork above for his local newspaper.




Those screenshots were taken from his youtube account here You can see two “starfield ceilings” videos he’s uploaded, plus some roulette and horse racing videos. Other things to take note of, is the word “method” in those roulette videos. We’ll be getting back to it later.
So now we get down to the nitty gritty on this person’s business affairs, or are they business affairs? You decide….
With all the above in mind I’m now going to show you what happened when I searched for this person’s website “” website. As you open each link, you’re looking for a name, address and telephone number.













As you can see from the names, addresses and telephone numbers of all those previous links, you wouldn’t have liked to be in the position of trading with this person, he simply can not make his mind up, about who he is, or which address he does business from. On the last link you’ll see a telephone number “01226-711277” It’s the same number used for this website, that you’ll see at the very top of the website


Even though that website is still online and has been updated as recently as of May of this year, (Scroll to the bottom to see updates)  the company it seems is dissolved, as you can see from the following. And if you scroll down to the bottom of that last link you’ll see that “apperently” a South African investor took it over, going by the name of “Mr Petrus Pieterse” (way too much “Peter” or variations of that name, do you remember Peter Kearney and Peter James?) born on the same month and the excact same year as “Scott”.



Would you believe it? What a coincidence! Look at all those South African flags, and look at all the South African flags on Scott’s video above, he loves his South African horse racing. We also have the “Peter” connection, and even more of his companies, not just PJP Group Limited, but we have PGP Accounting Limited and also PGP Tax Limited.–PIETERSE/companies


When you think about it, if you need to set up companies for your accounting and tax divisions, alongside your own company, let’s just say the money must be rolling in, and/or going somewhere. You’re not going to go to all that trouble setting them up, and then do nothing with them.


But why would you need set up these companies, especially “PGP Tax Limited” when your company is already registered for tax? As we see here in the pdf files on their own website


Before it was PJP it was 


The same telephone number. Maybe it has reverted back to that name who knows, here’s what it looks like from the outside 


Here’s another entry by a “Mr. Sylvester Booth” using the same number and address


Scroll to the bottom of this page and you’ll see the history, or at least some of it, for this address


And here you’ll see a “Mr Paul Booth” in charge of operations


And to bring this to some sort of ending we have them all together like one big happy family
You can see from the above link that there were charges brought against the Booths by the banks, two of which are still outstanding


Paul, Sylvester and presumably their dad “Mr George Booth”. Who is, if he’s alive today is 110 years old, on November of this year 2017.


What’s amazing about this little story going on here is that, “Mr. George Booth” resigned from his position a month before his 99th birthday . What a hard working man he must of been, driving trucks, operating heavy machinery, all that lifting, back breaking work especially for a man late into the twilight years of his nineties . But I guess it was time for him to move on from working at the scrap yard. When you’re 98 years old, you start thinking about handing over the business to your sons, so you go to all the trouble of heading to the company registrar office to resign your position, maybe that’s something we all should think about when we reach that age.



One day Sylvester was never heard from again, as we can see here he only held the same positions twice in the same company


And so it was left to Paul to do something else, and that’s just what he did.


Paul set up a new company, as you can see here


Recycling is big business so why not? But why the name change to “Michael Paul Booth”? and who is “Michael Paul Booth”?


Well I guess we’ll never know, unless of course we look at the address


So doing a search on Google maps this is where you end up


And if we scoot down the road a little it’s getting to look very familiar



I’m sure you’re starting to see some sort of picture here because it’s the same address as the Barnsley Business & Innovation Center, we’ve seen it before.


Just to connect the dots further, you’ll remember “Scott James” a hybrid of Scott Simpson/Alexander and the name James Alexander


Here is the same “Scott James” with the same address, selling not only beds, but to add to the collection, “waterbeds”


If you recall this link from the start of the “business links”


Well I had a little look at the other businesses just below his posting, and you’re never going to guess who I bumped into


Would you believe it? Scott James of  24 Worsbrough View, Barnsley. Well I just had to keep looking and then I found this guy
Robert Simpson of Dove Road, Barnsley.


As you can imagine both of my hands got that twitchy feeling again, and with google being my best friend for this type of scenario, this is what I found. “Scott James” had visited the same website as before and left his contact details, not just in the instance you see above with “Scott Simpson” and “Scott James” but also this website  If you take the last part of that link and scroll back up to where we talked about the the tradetown email links “the first list of links”. In that list, the second link is from the same website and it’s the “Scott Simpson / Scott James” connection again!

He went back to both the same websites and filled out two separate entries twice, for both of his false names. 


And that’s not the end of this, I dug further and came across these websites


As you can see it didn’t stop there, I then went on to do a search for his telephone number and then I hit this Ebay jackpot


If you go to any of those Ebay links, and scroll down, what you’ll see is the following business seller information


The same telephone number but now a different name and address. But it wasn’t always this way as you can see from scrolling to the bottom of this link Also this link 


existence-tradingit seems is run by a scammer using the name “Scott”, and there’s no such registered company operating by that name in the UK.


He also sells survival kits, hopefully he hasn’t sold them all, because he’s gonna need as many as he can get, by the time this article is done with him 😆


As for “Robert Simpson” well I have to tell you I had a hard time trying to convince myself that it was the same person, the first thing I did was search for his name and address and came up with this


And with that, I then searched around for the website and got a few hits, it wasn’t until I found this link, that I didn’t need anymore convincing that it was indeed the same person. He was doing so well, until I scrolled to the bottom of the page and saw that he had misspelled the word “Black”, you can see for yourself, this does indeed paint a very black and white picture


Whether it’s scrap metal from PJP Group, golf clubs, bedroom ceilings, beds, waterbeds, camping equipment, or horse racing system scams, this man has it all. 😆 If you’re really lucky and ring that number from PJP now “01226 711277 ” you might even get yourself a bargain of a lifetime with some new tyres 


You’ll remember “Scott’s” youtube channel where he goes by the username of “louislestat123”


Well if you call this number  you’d be speaking to a Mr. Louis Lestat that lives at a different address, and he’ll want your credit card details before he’ll send you out whatever he’s selling, if anything at all.


And if you were a vulnerable trader over on the Alibaba forums, you could have picked up a brand new Xbox 360 from Mr. Lestat, failing that, if you weren’t happy with the low tech virtual reality that the Xbox 360 provided you at the time, why not visualize yourself on a brand spanking new “Jet Ski” all the way from the middle of Barnsley in the UK. I’m sure you’ll find the conversation on this page alone very interesting


It didn’t stop there with Mr. Louis Lestat, not only was he offering Xbox360’s to the general public, you could also pick up a bunch of other electronic goods from him, or if you wanted to place an order it could be “nagotiated”. 😆 


Mr. Louis Lestat it seems, loves placing orders that can be “nagotiated”, as you can see for yourself about half way down this link But how ironic it is about the headline of this forum’s topic, in that, it’s telling you to stay clear of “tradekey” scammers. The same website that Mr. Louis Lestat himself uses to scam people, you’ll see it’s all “varified” by his own writing, and isn’t it remarkable how he knows how to avoid these scammers and even provides other users with “tips” on how to do so.

Well if that’s not your cup of tea, and I know it’s a bit late, (because as with all good businesses, let’s face it, in the real world they never stay operational for very long) but back in 2006 I could’ve got you to contact him through and you could of made an absolute fortune. You can click through those links, you’ll see the misspelled word “verified” as “varified”. 


Of course if you weren’t too happy with the services offered at the time by Mr. Louis Lestat, and you were from Turkey, then there’s no reason whatsoever to not get one back and hack the person’s website that just ripped you off. This is how it looked back in October 2006.
Even if you needed a bed for the night he was there. What if you wanted to buy a sim card to get those hackers off your back? Well all you have to do is hover your pointer over the the box and look at the address to see who would be there to sell you one.

Hacking? Great Scott!

Speaking of hacking, well you see, this could be considered present day, the story goes like this…. I receive an email a couple of weeks ago, the contents of which are the following…



What I had to do here was just use microsoft paint and superimpose the rest of the contents alongside, so I’m not posting two screenshots. In the top right you can see my own email address I use to contact “Scott” and that’s why I named it “”. Going by the name I made “Roger Hunt”. (he likes hunting scammers) The other thing about this screenshot is that I have removed the person’s address that “Scott” sent this email to, for the purposes of protecting their identity. 


Here is the link at the bottom of the email, please don’t be shocked it wasn’t always £3,000 it started out as the usual £1,000 then went to £2,000 before reaching £3,000 and then the listing was pulled due to lack of sales, but you can note as you scroll down to see the prominent words, names, addresses, emails and telephone numbers yourself


So let’s concentrate on the email we can see, it’s the email used to send out this story and Google once again helped in what you’re about to see, I did some searching for that email, and the username “murpski 1”, here’s the shocking account of what transpired.





We should know by now how he loves roulette “methods”. Just from the previous links we are starting to get the picture of what kind of a lowlife, bottom of the gene pool, type of person this is, but let’s see how that hacking experience of his own website, changed his own view on life….



As you can see from this conversation he even had those people believing he was someone he was not, and here is the original post that was quoted by the owner of this website


After he decided that because things weren’t going his way over on  the whole forum had to suffer and all of the people that use it everyday. This would have affected tens of thousands of people, only for the forum’s owner quick intervention.


Do you love horse racing, the sport of kings? Well this guy obviously hates the sport and all of the people that are involved, in any shape or form. You would want to be very sinister, to take the actions this person went to, so much so, that as he wasn’t capable of doing the job himself, he wanted to pay other people to do it for him.


I would also say that the forum owner had no idea that his members were also talking about the same person here on the 4th post down


Which instance “Scott” wanted taken down, who knows? Maybe it was both, but it didn’t stop there with Murpski as you can see from the following…



What’s going on there, again who knows? But why would you dedicate the front page of your “Let’s charge money for tips website” to his name, if there wasn’t something going on?


On a follow up search I came to this website where I found a review near the bottom of the page in the 2nd grey box, by you know who, “John Murpski – Professional Gambler” He penned it himself, and you can tell, because he can’t spell “impressed” and misspelled it “in pressed”.


The owner of that website didn’t seem to notice either but is nowhere to be found, and other reviews left online for the above website leave a lot to be desired.


Then we have the Murpski youtube channel  and a not so matching facebook going by the name of Mark Woods
I’m hoping at this stage you’re still with me because you have to prepare yourself for the following, it’s an email conversation so make sure you read the emails and who is sending them…


Click on “Show message history” when you get there


So what’s going on from what I can see, is that “enterprise042-fraudreport” received spam from “”. Laypreditor said it’s from this guy > “”, then Tom calls him out and he starts replying with his “” and then told Tom to refer back to “Welpow” as “Welpow” had sold him the guy’s email he was sending spam to.


Well I just couldn’t help myself after reading this, my fingers got all kinda twitchy and like a man on a mission I searched for “Welpow”, it didn’t take me long to find Wally, (Waldo for our American friends) this is what I found and to help you out, on a keyboard you press “F3” when you click the following link or “ctrl + f”, then type in “murpski” in the box that will appear and prepare for something very magical to happen.



Surprise surprise another hack, someone hacked him again and it was so magical that Houdini actually turned in his grave, while saying to him at the same time “there’s no escape from that one!”


Here’s another site with the same content You can use the same search as before.


You remember that email way up there on the screenshot I left, well here’s another one to the same person, only this time “Murpski” is looking for the knockdown bargain sum of £500 instead…



Yes it had the same ebay link as before, and instead of the ebay listing being set at a set price, he was now open to offers.


WTF just happened? Let’s summarize!


What if I told you that at this stage of this article, that what you have seen so far is just part of the scam? Would you believe me? 

Well it’s true. All you are seeing so far is the money part, where he cashes in. There is much more to this than meets the eye, but let’s do a very quick summary before we continue.

  • Early 90’s, scams people using a horse racing scam and is taken to court, over 30 complaints from the general public, uses false names in the court and remained undetected, until now. Eventually comes online and opens up followed by
  • From the 90’s up until now, opens up several more websites and advertises numerous products under several different names and addresses. Now sells on Ebay at the present time under two different trading names, that we know of, with false names and addresses to go along with them.
  • Scammed several people that we know of, possibly thousands in that time frame, while at the same time tried to get a very well respected horse racing forum hacked and taken offline.
  • Spammed lots of people, again possibly thousands, if not millions.

There is one underlying pattern to all of this, and it’s not his spelling mistakes. When you look at those false names, and all those false addresses, think about it, if you can’t find that person, like we have found them here, how do you expect Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs officers to find him?

Ladies and gentlemen what we’re talking about, is tax evasion , MASSIVE tax evasion. He’s not only scamming punters through his horse racing scam, he’s also scamming, or selectively scamming people that want to buy products from him. He’s popping up on one part of the internet and reappearing elsewhere under a different name and address. Not only is he a tax cheat, to top it off, he’s also scamming the Queen of England by not paying his taxes, which also means, that he’s scamming you, if you live anywhere in the UK. You’re not seeing him pay his fair share, so other taxpayers like you and me, are paying more taxes because he’s not paying his own. 

This is only from this article, if you have read the others, by now, you know that there were many more websites he has used and promptly shut down. Before we find out who he is, we’re going to go over how the scam takes place today, you’ve seen the emails from “murpski” and I will be showing you the other two or three main parts of his scam and by piecing this together, you’ll see how the scam operates, you’ll be surprised what goes on.


The Scam of “Scott Alexander”


Let’s dive head first into this underworld of criminality in the heart of Barnsley. We’ve seen the gambledhorses website from a decade ago, well with the rise of social media websites during the last decade, along with private messaging, emails and even the ability to buy email lists. Scamming people doesn’t even require a website, owning a fake Facebook account, does the trick, as you can see from the following…

So this is a perfect example of the scam in operation. When you look at the overall picture this presents, it tells you that there is malicious intent, as in “Scott” made first contact.

How many more people has he made first contact with? It would make you wonder alright. Then he clearly states that he’s got some mystical “method” that reads off the opening shows, and that there’s a magical ebook for the princely sum of £595.

The following reply by “Scott” is that, there are people “wanting” his service, it’s easy to understand and he “personally” uses (“the method”), then the pressure bit, where “scott” says it’s going up next month and then even more, but when I get you into my private group who knows what’s going to happen.

Not to point out the obvious here, but if he “personally” uses the product he sells, why is he selling it? If the product works so good, surely by now, you should have taken over the world with this “mystical method” without the need to package it off to numerous people, and what happens when he does sell it? Is he kicking himself in the foot because with every sale, those people with the method in their hands are now taking a large piece of the publishers lucrative pie?

If you had a system to clean out the bookmakers or an exchange, would you sell it? The pie that you could acquire cleaning them out alone, would be halved, if you sold the same system that you’re using to another person, for the unbelievable price of a mere £595. Not only would it be halved, you as the originator of the system you just sold, would now be in direct competition to take your piece of the pie, with the person you just sold it to. You had better hope that the person you sold your system to, doesn’t do you over and employ more people to take your piece of the pie away from you, even in your sleep 😆

When I say “mystical” what I mean is, in this instance, is this article and when I say “magical”, in this instance, of course it’s magical, nobody has ever seen a published copy of this ebook, it’s as if, it’s invisible. The only time anyone has even had a sniff of it, is when they’ve been shown some graphics courtesy of “Scott”, and James.



You’ll remember James from the other article when he was also posing in court along side his made up characters “Peter James and Peter Kearney”, and you’ll also remember him from that time when he was leaving glowing reviews on the above website posing as a professional gambler and a bed shop owner. He must of had a sex change, because as you can see from the following review on the bottom is that “James’s” review is still intact, but now his name is “Denise Booth”


Even when registering the above website in the “” version, he couldn’t seem to make up his mind on where he lived. > )


Before we get back to the Denise Booth connection, you see this whole James/Denise swap around, came to be, because of my earlier articles identifying and linking him to the “Peter Kearney/Peter James/James Alexander” article.


“James Alexander” in particular was the only name linking him to his Facebook scamming and the scamming from years gone by.


So “Scott” in his haste took some invasive action and deleted his “James Alexander” Facebook profile, not only did he delete it from existence, before he did that, he did something really stupid and banned his  “James Alexander” Facebook profile from the group he still runs today.



Now if you use the bottom scroll to move this page over and look at the date on the bottom of the above screenshot, it’s the very same date as when I published this article


And if we have a look at the following two links and scroll to the bottom to see his “James Alexander” review, you’ll see that on the 10th of march 2016 the review was there, but between then and the 12th of April 2016 “Denise Booth” had been put in place instead (He sure doesn’t know how to “steak” properly, something we’ll all find out later on)


These are certainly the actions of an innocent man, and if you’re thinking that “this article is somewhat biased” as I have heard “Scott” say before, while adding that this website doesn’t give him a voice, well let’s give him a chance and hear what he has to say


Top notch de-bunking there, you have to give it to him. It’s quite obvious that he has nothing to hide whatsoever! 😆


The person who runs this Facebook page had even foretold the events were about to unfold in the summer of 2015, it wasn’t until the 10th of March 2016 that I found out about his scamming in his investment club, through someone who had got in contact with me that was in his club and got scammed.  We have to give credit where credit is due. 


You’ll remember “Denise Booth” from before our “James” excursion above, and from the contract the investors got sent, I posted the full contents of the contract on this article You’ll see it numbered about three quarters the way down that page after a screenshot of “Denise’s” review. It’s number 14, part two on the contract that you need to look at, we’ve seen that address before.


So who is “Denise Booth”? It’s “Scott’s” mum!!!


As you can see here


No “James” didn’t have a sex change after all, but he might need one to avoid the police, taxman, and even his own mother by the time we’re finished with him here 😆

Naughty “Scott” involving your own mother into your scam – either “Scott” has reached new all time lows, or could it be that “Denise Booth”, is herself involved, and knows all about her son’s scamming? Who’s the woman in this recording that is talking to “Scott” during his telephone call to the bank and why is the bank talking to him about closing his account because of money laundering? 

Could it be that this is where all the investors money went to? You’ll also note that “Scott” doesn’t know his own mobile number and hasn’t got a clue when asked “what age will you be on your next birthday?” and needs to be prompted by his female acquaintance beside him. How we know it’s his nervous voice will be revealed shortly.

So this is another part of the scam, where “Scott” will take people aside, away from the (what looks like) free groups, then gains their trust and proceeds to scam people left right and center, when he invites them to his “Private group”, he’ll send them contracts, anything it takes, and takes their money then blocks them from Facebook. It’s all contained within this website, but what if, we take a look at it from another angle.

This is “Scott” asking people to do his dirty work for him, another part of his scam, I’ve left out people’s identities, you can see it’s a message to “Scott” and at the time he was asking people to review his so called “secret method free tips” Facebook group, here’s a screenshot of his own computer that he posted on the group to advertise to other people, that people were saying good things about him…


When I informed the person that wrote the above review for him, and told him about his scamming, then sent him a link to this website to read up on him, he sent me a message


Here is another review


So now you know how “Scott” likes to use people to further himself and gain “credibility”. Later I’m going to show you video evidence of his scam, the evidence is just to match his voice in the audio above, what he’s doing in the video will be explained to you afterwards, before I show you his video which is short and pointless, you need to know that the following video was made by the same person who thinks that, it’s a “good idea” to place a 5/2 each way bet on a horse. You’ll see “gambled horses” make two comments here about two thirds the way down the page, try not to pay any attention to the video on this page, (“Scotts video will be along shortly and the guy on the following video is talking gibberish, much like “Scott” does) press pause, if it starts playing

This is what happens if you place £1,000 each way on a 5/2 horse and it finishes in the places. I’m being generous here with the place odds, as there are more 1/5th place odds races than anything else, so what happens if your horse places? That’s right, you lose money. If the races place odds were 1/5, you’d be down £500.

And this “Scott” plonker thinks it “makes a lot of sense” 😆

I guess it made a lot of sense to him, to go back to the same website as “louislestat” and leave another comment there, (last comment) about his “method”,

How many times have we seen that happen? Wonders never seem to cease round these parts. Here is the so called “horse racing code” in action, it carries on for about an hour, with “Scott” bringing up the racing post website on one browser, without ever signing into the racing post. Obviously what we’re dealing with here is a professional horse racing tipster with every single one of his angles covered  😆

What’s going to be happening in this video we’re talking about? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. You can’t possible ascertain the whole of the race, by looking at the free race cards on the racing post. There is such a small amount of information available to you on the free cards, that you can’t possible be fully informed of the whole picture. In other words if you’re using the free race cards to pick horses, you may as well be plucking them out of thin air. They’re free for a reason.


There is something you need to see after this video, and you don’t need to watch it all. So without further ado, Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you the “code in action” – by the scam artist formerly known as “Scott”…


On the other browser is his Facebook page,  as you will see, “Scott” is doing nothing only moving his mouse around for an hour and calling out horses names and typing them onto a notepad on his PC.

I brought this up with him one time, and said he was using an Ipad alongside his PC with on his Ipad, and that’s how he was doing it.

Of course he denied even owning an Ipad, which as you will find out later on, this will come back to haunt him. There was even this time I joined his group and asked him directly, and he got REALLY mad for some reason, I don’t know why, I thought it was quite a reasonable question to ask him at the time 😆




This last statement has also come back to haunt him, because as you can see here, I took him up on his offer and actually predicted the horses names in real time, before he said any of them, this was done solely using the same “method” as he does. If you thought my oddschecker theory on this guy was wrong, you might not be thinking that after you take a look my selections and times here 😆



If that wasn’t enough to convince you take a look at this screenshot that he also took down from one of his Facebook groups



But he hasn’t been using oddschecker all this time, surely not? Well sorry to burst your bubble, it’s worse than you thought His use of oddschecker to call out his selections has been his main shortcut and mainstay in all of this, it gives him more time to concentrate on his scamming side of things and it’s free to see what prices the bookies have their horses priced at before the off, at a glance. If you thought I burst your bubble there, well I was only warming you up, for this bombshell, that I’m going to drop on you.



Mr Challoner wasn’t the name of a horse, but another Facebook account I set up to publicly question him about his oddschecker use. You can see here that while he was actually using oddschecker, at the same time he was publicly denying using it at all. 😆 The only horses he has named are the two on oddschecker that have their prices shown to be shortening in price. So now you know. Don’t try this at home folks, it’s very dangerous to your bank account balance and you don’t want to be looking like this guy…



It was shortly after this taunting by him that I made this article When it was all tallied up, the numbers came out to be, me winning over £20,000 and “Scott” losing £6,500 in the same time frame, which was from 3pm to 3:40pm. Of course I sent him a link to read how I done one over on him and he went ballistic for about a month afterwards, but not before making his first reply to the article and that was this…



How is being up by over £20,000 in 40 minutes, wrong? 😆 When you win that much you can send money to charity that helps people that use wheelchairs, instead of disrespecting those people publicly on Facebook. Also there’s this…



Well I guess I’m talking now 😆 And look at this scum, he scams people out of their hard earned cash, and then when people are looking for their money back, he says to them, they owe him more. This is a true expression of his arrogance and another reason he should be brought to justice.


While all this was going on, I was planning my next attempt to thwart him and mostly laughing at his BS at the same time.
So what I did was use another profile I had and left a review on his page…
This review caused the closure of “Scott’s” page. But not before this happened…
Here is the full context of the message he sent me…
Death threats.
But it continued, can you believe he actually wrote another review about his own scam on facebook? 😆 Wait ’till you see this…
This was his attempt to push down my review from sight, but by then the damage had been done and “Scott” abandoned the page and deleted it. Shortly after, I made it again, with the same Facebook address and then did a little decoration as you can see
Then I sent “Scott” an email to inform him what I did with the place and even asked if he liked it. His email is “” you’ve seen it before on his Ebay listings.

Since this article about “Scott’s scam” was written, “Scott” it seems has even abandoned his own mother, he had her tied up in his articles posing as a reviewer and also as his next of kin on the contracts he was sending out to people. While we had already seen that he was friends with her Facebook profile, after the article I wrote here about him, published, he stopped being friends with his mother, as you can see in the following video from the 1 hour 22 minute mark…

If you look very closely you’ll even see him message “Denise booth”, and call her “mum”.
Before I show you what the codes are in “Scotts” own words, I’m going to show you one last aspect of his facebook scamming side of things, and it’s advertising winners that he hasn’t mentioned beforehand, getting called out on it by different people and then banning everyone in sight, you’ll know they’re banned because you can see their names have turned the colour grey…


The story of the horse racing codes 1, 2 and 3


So that was the facebook side of things, I could show you a whole lot more, but I want to try and keep things short, so let’s have a look at the codes…
If I only took “code 1”, I could quit my day job, after all a 70% win rate means that with every ten bets that I place, seven of those bets will win!
The bookies and exchanges would cease to exist if I placed ten bets and seven won at just level stakes, Code 1 if I scaled it up, would not only make sure that I could quit my job, but with my spectacular win rate a lot of other people would be out of their jobs too, obviously I would have the bookies on their knees begging me not to place any more bets.
Now of course if “code 1” doesn’t work out well I can move on to “code 2”, which is a “6 figure daily income”, the only problem is that it doesn’t work. History tells us, that in the future, if we implement “code 2”, we would be bankrupt in no time. If you want to check this for yourself visit the results page of the sporting life here
But what about “code 3” surely this would make us all instant millionaires? Well we’d be wrong to think that. All we have to do is check past results and see if it works. In all of these cases none of them work. If they haven’t worked in the past, how are they going to work in the future? after all if we implement all of the codes we’re doing so by placing bets on future events.


Now I’m not asking you to read all of his drivel, but I’m going to show you how he’s also linking all of his facebook pages/groups to his blogs, so when someone on google is searching for something, his blogs are there in the search results, promising the world to his next potential victim, here’s a list…

“Scott” it seems is very busy with his writings and those are just some. You’ll remember from the previous posts on this site, about the gambledhorses investment club and how he scammed people out of thousands, well the last link is more proof of his investment club scam.

Remember that 70% strike rate? Let’s put it into practice right now. You place ten bets for £1 each. Single win bets. Seven of those bets win (70%). Three lose. Out of the seven that win, they average out to level stakes. Some won at higher than evens and some won at less than evens. Your returns would be £14. That is £7 from your stake and £7 from winnings. Giving you a profit of £4 from your initial outlay of £10. Scale it up and it’s more profit, for example instead of your stake being £1, you stake £10,000 on each bet. With a 70% strike rate each and every time, giving the example here with £1. You stand to profit £40,000 from your ten £10,000 bets. In no time at all, you could be closing down high street bookies one by one on a daily basis. 

This is “Scott’s” promise. You can also read about it here.

If we take that telephone number from the last link and put it into google this is what happens…

And then if we take that email “”” and do a search on it, this is what happens…

I’ve highlighted the items in blue we need to concentrate on here, first up is the address “39a brierley road, shafton, barnsley” but with a different telephone number than what you see in the rest of the listings, also different addresses and of course the name “Scott Alexander”. You’ll remember his listing from his ebay page wanting to scam people for thousands, going by the username of “thenaturalway” on ebay


Now for someone who has claimed to have made millions, a self proclaimed bookie basher if you will. Then how is it, that he’s selling ornaments, second hand shoes, and toys on ebay? Items for a couple of pounds.


Think about it, if you have made millions from horse racing, wouldn’t you be living it up? Rather than spending your days selling camping equipment, ornaments, second hand boots and whatever else on ebay, and sitting around waiting for the orders to come in. If I was in “Scotts” position having made a ton of money each and every day from a 70% strike rate, the last thing on my mind would be to contemplate selling second hand items on ebay.

This is what he really does, as a front to his criminality and tax dodging, but this shouldn’t come as any surprise to you at this stage, especially coming from someone who wants to sell you phantom jet skis from the middle of Barnsley.

This is from the same account that is still listing his scam, for the price of £3,000

He’s still trying on the scam to this day even with the amount of evidence that is stacking up against him on this site, he’s even aware of this site and that’s why he changed his name of his websites from “Gambledhorses” to something completely different. “Scott” needed to do something as quickly as possible when he found out that the “Gambledhorses” scam was up. And that is what he did.

Signed by “Scott” Simpson and “Scott” Alexander.


I don’t know if I showed you this before, but here goes seeing as we’ve got back to Mr.Simpson, just look at that name under the picture, yea I know, there’s no picture I lied again oops, but there’s two names, it seems that in this case, there are infinate levels of stupidity. 


You’ll remember “Scott Dean Simpson” has made appearances here and here 

but has also made the headlines using the same email here

We know by now how he loves to spam people, and like a horse, he has held true to his form in this regard.



Busy busy! So busy in fact that he sends out ads looking for people that will make his websites for him “optomizing” his scam is his top priority.
He also likes to play the odd game of online chess, but it’s so easy to beat him, simply because he has a knack for checkmating himself


Remember his Freemason obsession?


Well I have read “Scott” mention somewhere that it was the Freemasons that taught him about horse racing, I can’t recall where I read it so you’ll have to take my word on it.


Here is one of his blogs and we’ll take a look at the picture which is here Could it be that “Scott” is a Freemason himself? And that all of those years of so called expertise in the horse racing world come from people who look exactly like this as they wander around the stands and winning enclosures of horse racing courses throughout the land?


And in a dark turn of events, while I was checking some backlinks of “Scott’s” websites, he had this link on one of his sites Curiosity got the better of me and I had a read of the comments only to find 16 comments down, that “Scott” had left a comment backing up the author, who as it happens is also a scammer.


So I did some research on the author and came to this website, the comments are further down this page Then I went back to his website, to try and see what he was about, he’s an out and out nutjob, as you can see from the following


The more I read that last link, the more I began to think that this was actually “Scott”, there was so much talk about Freemasons and “Codes”. So I kept looking only to discover what you could only describe as the holy grail of codes. Just scroll down and look at the headlines


Yea I know, I was like this as well…


Could it be that this is the birthplace of “Scotts” codes?  We’ve seen him make copycat moves before so it wouldn’t be out of the question.


The Peter Kearney connection

The name “Peter Kearney”, we’ve read all about him before with his it’s also the same name came up in that article about his scamming 20 plus years ago. The other names in that article were “James Alexander” and “Peter James”.


In the link above if you scroll all the way down the page, you’ll see the name “Peter James” in the last block, where it says “The proof of the pudding”. Then if we go to “Scott’s” youtube account that he uses under the name of Louislestat123


Of course “Peter” has been around the block too, what with all of his companies You’ll remember “Active Consultants limited”, there’s another company “Boldgrade House Limited” (so many variations of peter) that was used in the creation of his “makecasheasily” website 


You’ll notice that “nominet” the regulatory body for “” websites, can’t match a name with the website. 


Now if you thought “” isn’t anything to do with betting, you’d be wrong to think that, just scroll down to the colored box and read what it says 


If that’s not enough of the “proof of the pudding I don’t know what is. But there’s more that I’d like to point out here, and what I think it is, I could be wrong here, but I think “Scotts” favorite number is 39. I think that’s the number of the horse he backs every year in the grand national, You’ll see it here as “39a” it keeps popping up a lot, or maybe he uses that number because it’s the number of the house he currently lives at and he hates to forget it, remember when he couldn’t remember his own age when asked by the banks in that audio recording


The not so “Secret Method”


When “Scott” had abandoned his website in the hopes of greener scamming pastures, he created this website beside the horse you see at the bottom…



“”, This is what popped up…


Can you believe it there’s that address again except this time it’s “39a” and not “39”, so i had a look at the address and lo and behold this is what I found.,-1.3976249,3a,60y,298.4h,85.71t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sq04RrYL3RJv68xcbbRmwaw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656


“Scotts” house!


The self proclaimed horse racing millionaire’s pad right in front of the scrapyard. Here it is from in front of the scrapyard,-1.398173,3a,75y,7.17h,75.47t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s1UEKTXSaa-ojaM9YfPHjWw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656




But i think there’s something not quite right with that last picture and I’ll show you why, Let’s take a peek inside “Scott’s” house courtesy of some videos he uploaded to youtube, and subsequently took down, It’s just a shame for him that I managed to download his uploads and re-uploaded them again. Some might say, this is clearly an invasion of his privacy, but this is for the common good and how much of people’s savings has he invaded himself? Invasion of his privacy versus his invasion of peoples pockets, you see it can’t work both ways in favor of “Scott”, not after everything that has happened already.


It’s the first few seconds of the video above that’s important, and the location of the sitting room. When “Scott” walks out and points his camera down the hallway, you’ll see the door at the bottom ajar. Then if we take a look at the second video below, you’ll see the distance and where that door is, in relation to these supposedly two houses, as you are taken on a tour outside



Strong reason to believe that what looks like two houses are actually one house masquerading as one. If you’re thinking that it’s two houses, well take a look at this picture and the comments



Clearly something’s not right, so being the inquisitive person that I am, I enlisted the help of Google and the Queen of England. I didn’t have to look far and all that was done was a search of the postcode that we’ve seen many times and even on the contract he sent out to people that he scammed from his “Investment club”.



What have we got here? Well as you can see it’s all the people that have been registered to vote that are using the same postcode. Could all the names apart from “Booth” be made up names that “Scott” is also using? The answer to that question should be looked into by the authorities. So to find the true identity of this person the Queen of England helped me out, I went to the land registry office and found out who owns the scrapyard and here’s who owns it.



You’ll have to recall that the scrapyard was put up for sale after the family business went bust and somebody bought it, so this can’t be him surely. But we all know by now that anything is possible. How I found “41 Brierley road” was by pure mistake because I knew he was holed up in”39″ so I was looking for 40 and 38 Brierley road. But then, guess what? JACKPOT!!!



If we take a look at the outline, are they saying this is just one house and the other half is another? I went searching again, for number 38 or even a number 37 after all “Scotts” side had to be one of them, right? I found nothing. Could they be claiming to the land registry office that the family only owns one side of the house and not the other, as a way to avoid their council tax?

The name Micheal Paul Booth seems very popular, especially on this post. Could it be that this is “Scott”? Or could it be George Booth’s other son “Sylvester Booth”? Either way, whichever of them that he may appear to be, the name that he’s currently using is certainly not his own name. It’s the name he’s currently and brazenly using to keep up his scam by which ever means necessary even using one of his ebay accounts to this day.




“39a” Again!

Now I don’t usually bet on humans, they’re far too inconsistent for me, but if I did bet on them, my money on who “Scott” is, would be on “Michael Paul Booth”. But there’s also the possibility that “Scott” is “Sylvester Booth”. You couldn’t rule out either. So I’m gonna call “Michael Paul Booth”, “Code 1” and “Sylvester Booth”, “Code 2”. Both are odds on joint favorites

Now you could be thinking that we can’t match his face to all of this only the pictures he’s providing on his fake Facebook accounts to pull of his scamming, you’d be correct! but I am about to offer you some more evidence, the first is this video. If you look in the reflection of the car, you’ll see him hold up an Ipad, remember the Ipad? Yea that’s what he using here to record and you can just about make out a face in the reflection and his voice matches that we have seen in his horse scam videos.

And if that’s not enough how about this reflection you’ll see on the screen around the 31 second mark.

2016 was a special year for the “Booths”, opening up two ebay stores. Something needed to be done to appear to look legit, before the long arm of the law reached out. But as you can tell from reading the above, looking legit and actually being legit are two different things.

Now the question you have to ask yourself after reading all of this, is why is he being allowed to continue to scam people? You see it’s been over one year now since several people have reported him to the police, but yet nothing has been done about it.

If we were looking at this from a broader perspective, the timeline here is 22 years that has been covered in this article, from the moment that I introduced you to him via that article about Peter Kearney from back in the 90’s until right up to this very day, nobody has stopped him.

If there was a revolution to happen in the horse racing, against large scale fraud, you would think that everyone involved would revolt against the actions we’ve witnessed this person talking. He needs to be stopped immediately before he does more damage and takes more food out of the mouths of innocent children.


And here’s what he’s got to say for himself on the matter.



People like “Booth” should be ashamed of themselves, and locked up, especially when you see in their own words the pure arrogance they harbor.

It is in the wider public’s interest, that this person be brought to justice, not only for deceiving the courts, from his Peter Kearney days but also for all the rest of what we have seen. He clearly brings the horse racing industry into disrepute. There’s no doubt about that.

But I have to stress again, how is it, that he’s still walking around a free man without any form of punishment being applied for his actions?

I’ll be sending this article myself to a police officer I was given an email address of, that is supposedly handling this case as further proof of “Booth’s” criminality as well as to his mum. I think the people that he has scammed, deserve the justice that should be served to this person.


If you have been scammed by this person, or if he has even tried to scam you, report him to the police here


I wish to remain anonymous but there is a small matter that the police can do for me and that is, when you arrest him, make sure you extract £100 from him that he owes me and then donate the money to your favorite autism charity for me. 


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