The Scott Simpson, Gambled Horses Codes Cracked And Decoded.

by Patrick on July 24, 2016

As promised in my last post here are the “gambled horses codes”, cracked and decoded. This post might seem long when it first appears in your browser, and is best viewed on a pc or laptop, that’s because there is a lot of easy to understand screenshots that are below, Scotts selections are circled in red, I’m just going to get straight to it and present to you how Scott Simpson of Gambled Horses makes his selections, nearly all of of these screenshots were taken yesterday after the last races were run.

Just so there’s no confusion because Scott says to people that I’m confusing him with someone else, when I’m not,  here’s Scotts facebook profile  and a fake facebook profile he also uses

Below are some guidelines to how the code operates, one that wasn’t mentioned in the guidelines below that you should keep in mind, is that gold bets are also when there is a gap in the odds shown to the next horses, for example there could be two gold bets at 5/2 and 2/1 and the next horses price is 5/1, this gap could fluctuate anywhere between 2/1 to 10/1 in the price shown.











This is the beginning of the post started yesterday, you will see 100 horses tipped every one of them has an arrow pointing to the colour coded odds shown on If the arrow points to odds in blue, the odds have shortened in price, if it is pointing to odds in red, they have lengthened in price. Just for the sake of it, lets say I put £1,000 on each horse to win and when Scott says each way, place £500 each way to make a total of £1,000 wagered on the horse, overall a total of £100,000 staked. By the end of it let’s see how much of that £100K I get back and/or possibly win from Scotts codes, and also lets keep in mind the steps above and see if the codes have indeed been cracked and decoded. So lets get started….
























































































































So I’m happy to shed some light on this, 6 selections drifted out that were all red out of 100 selections, but the oddschecker screenshots were taken after the races so even those 6 selection could easily have drifted just before the off, that, and this is just the basic version, you could use the guidelines given to delve into this further, but there is absolutely no need as you can see for yourself just using the basics here, this is how the “code” is operated, no skill involved, in fact one could easily call out the names of 2-3 horses per race, that have odds shortening in less than a minute, and don’t forget these screenshots of oddschecker were taken after the last race, in almost every one of them you can see where the horses placed in the race, Scotts so called tips or “codes” as he calls them were placed on top of the screenshots using microsoft paint, so they would be easy for you to understand, and easy for you to see the obvious pattern to his so called selections. As you can see 94 out of 100 selections just on the basic front screen of oddschecker without checking the price history were Scott Simpsons selections or so called “codes” that had their respective odds shortening in price.

My own opinion of this is that Scott Simpson of Gambled Horses doesn’t have a clue about any aspect of horse racing and the above proves that alone, but I want to share with you even more of Scotts knowledge (or lack of it) about horse racing, In my previous post here we came across how Scott was using several false names on the internet even uploading his profile picture to several of these aliases, one of which was called Louisthemush you can even read more about that name in a different article written here where you will learn about most of his scamming ways.

So lets get back to Louisthemush, Scott used this name on a horse racing forum to ask questions about horse racing, as you can tell just from this post alone he has no knowledge of any aspect of horse racing whatsoever, so who could blame him for asking questions right? You should be learning if anything…. Here is a post in particular that he wrote asking about jockey doubles, you know “Code 2” that he claims as his own, except it isn’t….. If you look at the reply he got, he was even told that it does not make a profit, but he carried on regardless and is pushing it on people as “Code 2”, and of course anytime a jockey hits a double in any meeting he is only too pleased to announce it from the rooftops how “Code 2” is making him a millionaire ect ect.

And with that here is another example of his amazing knowledge of horse racing…. The original poster is asking a question about form study and what to look for in races, if you read his post then scroll down just a bit more than half way to Gingertipsters reply and read that or even brush through it then head on over to page 2 and the 4th post down is Scott Simpsons reply under the name Louisthemush, This is his understanding of horseracing…zilch, nada, nothing. I could go on forever but I will leave you with this page and you can gain an insight to Scott Simpsons thinking on racing yourself, just click on Topics Started and Replies Created on the left

Now to add up the winnings the total wagered was £100,000 and the total won was £76,483.33 which leaves everybody following this scammer with a loss of £23,516.67 each, from one days racing.

I took into account the no bets and gave the highest odds offered when calculating the total even giving him the benefit of doubt awarding a 9/2 winner in the 17:25 race when Scott Simpson had changed his mind.

So there we have it folks, apart from being a scam, this is all just an amateur deluded fantasy that holds no real substance never mind profit, following a system like this, that is proven here on this post for all to see, is a sure fire way to the poorhouse. Follow this system or this scumbag scammer at your peril!!! There is no bot or app and there never will be. that is freely available to everyone, is his bot, and this is his system as proven here.

Albert Einstein famously said…. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

And Scott Simpson through his so called “codes”, doing the same thing day in day out, is the definition of insanity. Not to mention that if you follow his insanity you will become poorer for it, not only losing money on his selections but also losing money by paying him for his so called services, while learning nothing in the process. There is no service in losing money, it’s called a disservice. Offering free trials is just a way for him to say to you with his hands held high “there is no scam here”, but then uses that same so called free service to entice people into one of his stings, one being a £10 a day/week sting or as we have seen in previous posts here the once off £1,000 sting.

My advice to you is to study the form yourself if you’re going to back horses, knowledge is everything in the racing industry and I’m not talking about so called “info”, the best info you can get is to see and read about a horses past performance and see or read about what the horse is capable of, then weigh up that info that you have against the other horses in that particular race that you are betting on, markets are a means to an end for the bookies not the punter, markets are created by the bookie for the bookie, not the other way round, and this post proves that to be the case, I am not here to take away business from anyone, I don’t run adds on this site or offer any services apart from informing you about this scammer and providing you with as much information that I have to hand about this scammer, people have lost large amounts of cash to Scott Simpson through his scam and the purpose of this website is to inform you not to fall into the same trap that he has in the past laid out for other people.

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Food for thought: If you are making loads of money from backing horses, why would you feel a need to sell that information to other people? Surely if you have a need to sell tips to other people they can’t be very good tips can they?

PS: Here is Scott Simpson just today trying to convince people that the foundation (reading the form) of finding winners in horse racing since its inception is not worth following, but we know different 😉Untitled-50