The scott simpson scam, also known as the gambled horses code scam

by Patrick on May 8, 2016

NOTE: This article will be verified at the bottom of this post by people that have been scammed by the scammer Scott Simpson

This article is especially for every person that is a member of any of the following Scott Simpson facebook groups (So you don’t get scammed) 

  • Here is a link to his facebook group and here is a link to his facebook profile and a fake facebook profile he also uses.
  • And the “money” group where the scam took/takes place…..
  • EDIT: This group has been deleted by Scott Simpson since he was made aware of this article on the 14th of May 2016, however this article contains screenshots taken of it for proving purposes
  • And also if you come across these websites…
  • and
  • They are all owned and run by the same person EDIT: The website has been deleted by Scott Simpson since he was made aware of this article on the 14th of May 2016 and again this article contains screenshots of the above website links that Scott Simpson has left on his facebook groups, these screenshots were taken for proving purposes

If you are a member of any of these facebook groups and think that it’s not a scam then I would kindly ask you to have a look at the following screenshots taken from some of gambled horses facebook groups

scott 44


The above image is the original image uploaded on the 12th of February 2013


scott 45


The above image is the same as the previous image but uploaded 9 months later on the 22nd of October 2013 stating that it was all winnings from bets placed on the 21st of October, the day before.


scott 46

And this final image, the same image as the previous two images in the series, was uploaded on Saturday the 20th of December 2014, Just over a year before the previous image and almost 2 years before it was originally uploaded to the same group, claiming that it was all winnings from the “Codes”.

So the questions you’d have to ask yourself by looking at these pictures is…

  • How is Scott Simpson is winning the same £20 and £10 notes over and over and over again?
  • By posting pictures of money claiming to be winnings from his codes, would that be to entice members from his groups to pay money to him to buy membership for his codes?
  • Why is Scott Simpson lying to his group members on his free groups?
  • Is this all a scam?

All of these questions will be answered and more in this article. This article will be the most comprehensive article ever written on Scott Simpson and his codes, and it will uncover an intricate scam spanning decades.

Hopefully by now if you’ve been reading this journal about his scam, you’ll have come to realize that in my writings and screen shots that all I do is deal in facts and the truth, whereas all Scott Simpson deals in is pathological lying and deceit and the following is a perfect example of that.

aaaThis is Scott telling myself and other people on facebook that there was a “previous owner” that was in possession of a method given to him to test to see if it proofed well or not.

You see this all came about after I wrote this article on Scott and his proofing

Shortly after he wrote to me on my facebook page in the comments of the post dated 16th of December 2015, it has the same content as the above screenshot but there is more content that has been deleted that we will get to later.

Anyway as I was saying, This is Scott telling myself and other people on facebook that there was a “previous owner” that was in possession of a method given to him to test to see if it proofed well or not.

And here is Scott a month later with a completely different story altogether…..


So in the above image you can see two screenshots side by side, on the left Des has left a message telling people that have left comments to google “gambled horses scam” but on the right some time after you can see that the comment Des wrote is now deleted, I can only guess that Scott did not want anybody googling “gambled horses scam“, and if you look at the last comment made by Scott he is telling everyone on his group page that “I have failed to recognized that he was “in fact” then proofing a method “we” bought to “dissprove” that it made any profit”. I say “I have failed to recognized” as this is the website and author that Scott is referring to.

Can you see how the story has changed all of a sudden?

  • What happened to this previous owner that was proofing?
  • How come Scott owns the system now?
  • And why would you buy a horse racing method/system to disprove that it made any money?

Scott told everyone there was a previous owner proofing a method but now he’s admitting buying the method before the code was born using the racing index to disprove it worked, and that it was “impossible” to proof the code as it was so close to the off to have selections put through in time (his words not mine). (We’ll get to “Frank juggler” later on.)

So here is Scott on his google plus account on his very first post telling the whole world he’s proofing to the racing index

Screenshot (35)

Ok it says “recing index” but we’ll forgive him for his spelling mistakes (It can happen to the best of us) we all know just from the video he included in that post that what he meant to say was “racing index“.

And that leads me to this website where Scott says the following… “All is proofed to the racing index in real time recorded time as it happens in black and white. Just click on the racing index link to see realtime actual results! We only post full selections wins and losses and are transparent in every way possible unlike most well known tipsters.”  Hmmm “proofed to the racing index in real time recorded time as it happens in black and white” So I guess there wasn’t enough time to proof those selections on and at that top of the page it contains a link, linking directly to his proofing on that he carried out for a number of years losing £55 million from his advised stakes.

In the above link also you will see that Scott has said the following….. “We use market indicators only to determine our horse selections 5 minutes before each race using the current live market. For years mathematicians have been trying to figure out the enigma code of the horse racing world.” And if we go here we can see that from the recent activity on the site the last edit to the page home page was done on “25 Aug 2011, 22:49 scott james edited Home“. (We’ll get to Scott James in a moment)

“For years mathematicians have been trying to figure out the enigma code of the horse racing world”

Well for someone that says the code wasn’t even born yet, the language patterns here suggest otherwise in 2011, “We use market indicators only to determine our horse selections 5 minutes before each race using the current live market”

Here is something very interesting, in 2009 on when the proofing started on racing index for gambled horses here was Scott telling us that “I am currently undergoing industry professional proofing of my selections which to be frank is difficult as proofing does not really cater for the way i send my selections, which are sent roughly 5 minutes before the off. Why?….Because my selections are based on the market movements. My market based selections are unique and profitable, nobody else offers this type of service because the tipsters on the market just have not got the formula yet. I have spoken with the best mathematicians in the country, people who thrive on formulas and they just cannot see what i see.

Can you see more language patterns here also? “5 minutes before each race using the current live market ” and “mathematicians” in 2011, and “5 minutes before the off. Why?….Because my selections are based on the market movements.” and also the use of the word “mathematicians” in 2009 .

Now you’re probably wondering who the hell is Scott James and what has he got to do with all of this, well in my previous post here (which we will get back to at a later stage,) the article proved that Scott James and Scott Simpson are the same person and this article will prove even more that this is indeed the case. is commonly known as the wayback machine, it takes a snapshot of webpages over time and stores them on its server, there is no way that the snapshots can be altered through the wayback machine. The following link you will see that in 2009 when the proofing started for gambled horses it was Scott Simpson that was running the website and proofing to the racing index all at the same time, even though he tells a totally different tale. and here is the link to the racing index for gambled horses proofing you only have to click on links at the totals and scroll down to see where I got the graphs for my previous articles on all of Scotts £55 million in losses through his advised stakes between late 2009 and May 2013, so it’s all above board and 100% true. Here is another link from February 2013 apparently the “enigma code of the horse racing world” had not even been born by then, what a shocker!

So we have both names Scott Simpson and Scott James using the same name “gambledhorses” and both are using the same language patterns in the above examples I’ve provided, in fact most of the wording is identical including “Gold Gambles” which only draws you to one conclusion – they are both the same person.

Of course this is just one example of his pathological lying and there is plenty more to come, why don’t you stick around because this next example is an absolute gem!

Here’s some background for our next pack of lies from Scott, In the past I’ve used several aliases to communicate with Scott Simpson, I’ve done so for personal reasons mainly because I do not wish for him to know who I am and if he can use several aliases then why can’t I? The difference being,  I use aliases to protect my identity from a possible backfire from exposing scammers and fraudsters whereas Scott uses aliases to scam people by whatever means necessary.

This next screenshot is very recent and just goes to show that a leopard doesn’t change its spots

















I’m also adding this blown up version of the screenshot that Scott has addded


















Yes I have used those names “el crinks” “roger hunt” and “frank juggler”, this is the only thing that is correctly stated in this statement from Scott. As you can see he is claiming to have placed a £1,000 bet on a horse called Rolling Dough that won at odds of 14/1 at Fontwell Park on the 29th of April 2016 here is the result

But then there is an inconsistency in his last sentence when he states that it returned “140 times” the money in one bet.

This is going on a single unit of a British pound, if it returned 140 times the money that would mean that you have to put 10 pounds on the bet returning 150 pounds, minus the 10 pounds wagered the returns (or profits) would be 140 pounds.(or 10 multiplied by 14 equals 140)

But if you placed 1,000 pounds on a 14/1 priced horse your returns would be 14,000 times the wager, you would get back 15,000 pounds and when you subtract the 1,000 pound wager your profit would be 14,000 pounds (or 1000 multiplied by 14 equals 14,000)

Scott also says that “I do not have the code, and never will have because it has never been released”, we will get back to this but now let me show you the proof that all the above statements in those screenshots are nothing but lies….





















The above screenshot is from one of Scotts private members groups where he does live tipping and in the comments of the center post you can clearly see that he’s said “missed a right gold ew rolling dogh,,ffs“.

So now there we have it, Scott did not have any money on the horse “Rolling Dough” because he missed it, so he says, and would of had a gold bet (10 points) each way on it if he did not “miss it” and again he his lying to all of his group members even uploading a ridiculous screenshot of a number of horses in that race with their odds circled as “Fakers” and placing “Rolling Dough” as a “Gold” bet even though he never had it down as a bet until after the race was finished and won.

Not to mention that he also threatened to burn myself to the ground for exposing his lies and his scam. I’m not ever going to stop exposing his lies and his scamming and now you know what kind of person we’re dealing with here, it’s no wonder I’ve used aliases when communicating with him, because these are not the only threats that I’ve received from him.

If you’ve reached this far congratulations! What will follow now is mostly evidence for the police, but you’re more than welcome to join me on this journey as I reveal “the scam.

Let me tell you the story of Scott Simpson and his scam, to get a good overview of it, I would suggest you start with this article and then follow up with the last article I’ve wrote which was this one

I’m going to make some points about what we know so far from the last article mentioned and then we’ll continue on from there

  • From this following article we know that Scott used the names Peter Kearney,  James Alexander and a combination of both the previous names “Peter James He also used the company name “Active Consultants Limited
  • fornbyfornby2
  • We also know that Scott has used lots of different addresses when registering his various websites on and 
  • We  know that he’s used a lot of different registry details from “horseracingconglomerate” to “gambled horses” and “Scott Alexander” to “Scott Simpson” as well as various e-mail addresses.
  • We know that he has used the same registry registrant ID number on both the names of “Scott Alexander” and “Scott Simpson“.
  • We know that Scott has used a facebook account going by the name of James Alexander.
  • We know that Scott has used the name “Scott James” which is the exact pattern as before using Peter Kearney and James Alexander to make Peter James“, except this time he’s using “Scott Simpson” and “James Alexander” to make “Scott James“.
  • We have seen the same picture uploaded on various websites under the names of “Scott Simpson“, “Scott Alexander“, and “James Alexander“.
  • We have seen that Scott has also run a bed business and has chosen the username “louisthemush” to promote his bed business and the whois for his website dreambedzzthe address he has used for his bed business is the same address he has used for this website which wasn’t used in my previous article as I’ve only just realized this now about the address which links “louisthemush” and “Scott James” together as well as linking Scott Alexander to his previous website as seen here for the whois domain history for gambledhorses.comscott 21
  • We have also seen that “James Alexander” has left a review on giving a glowing report that owned a bed business.
  • We have also seen that the same picture that was uploaded on the various profiles to “Scott Simpson“, “Scott Alexander“, and “James Alexander” was also uploaded to a profile for “louisthemush“.
  • We have seen how the bed business website “” belonging to Scott had a youtube video on it that linked directly to his own youtube channel that has the username of “louislestat
  • And by using the username “louislestat” has left comments on websites advertising using the same language patterns on there like “true gambles“.
  • We learned that while Scott was using the username “louisthemush” he wrote to a debt forum asking for advice so he could deceive the bailiffs by hiding his possessions by signing them over to his friends because he owed money for several crimes.


So that was around two months ago since I published that article, so what has happened since?

A lot has happened, if you look at the article you’ll notice that anything that Scott could change on it he has changed and here’s what Scott did….

  • Scott deleted his “James Alexander” profile on facebook
  • Scott deleted his profile pictures that appeared in the last article from his “Scott Simpson” profile on facebook
  • This link that linked to his bed website has been set to private as have a lot of other videos on his channel
  • Scott has changed his “Scott Alexander” name on his youtube account and it now reads “Gambledhorses”
  • Scott has changed the last review on his new website, the reviewers name was “James Alexander” and now it’s basically the same review except it’s from one of Scotts facebook friends “Denise


Screenshot (205)


boothI have to guess that he has something to hide by taking the actions he has taken above, because before the previous article was published, all of the things he removed from the internet or changed were there for years beforehand.

Some other things that have happened are, people that have been scammed by Scott Simpson have been in contact with me and told me how they’ve been scammed by him, and I will reveal the complete scam to you here in this article, also we’ve decided “together” that another article was proper order, and that it would at least help the police in their enquiries of the fraud that has been subjected to them by Scott Simpson and to show proof to help other people to steer clear of this scammer.

This is one of the messages I’ve received to my facebook page gambled horses scam, I’ve hidden the identity of the person for the purpose of this article using photoshop and the content aware filter.


And here is another person that sent me a message to my page, again I’ve hidden the identity of the person for the purpose of this article using photoshop and the content aware filter.

Untitled-59One of these persons added me to a chat that had other people that have been scammed by Scott Simpson both were in his investors group but have been banned and even today it still looks like most are joined the group but they are all banned from posting or viewing posts in the group while it still looks like they are still members

investment club1


















The only person to be added to the group recently is Rachael, The reason Rachael appears in this group is because it’s Scott Simpsons ex girlfriend and what happened was Scott placed his ex girlfriends address on a form while creating or updating his websites (these addresses appeared on whois which records website owners details for example… who owns the website and their address, of course you don’t need to provide ID to enter these details unless you own a “” website that is operational),  so the Investors sent a letter to the address and it was hand delivered demanding their “Investments” back thinking they were sending it to Scott Simpson.

As you can imagine Rachael wasn’t too pleased when she got the letter and contacted one of the investment members and was placed in the chat that we have, for a chance to talk to her, during which she told us that Scott Simpson was using the false names Scott Alexander, James Alexander and Scott James. 

We were also informed that Rachael went out with him for four years and that his real name is Scott Simpson, however what she knows about Scotts sordid past could very well be limited as she wasn’t aware that he has ever been to court and we all know that he has been to court several times infact.



















Here is a screenshot from Scott Simpsons google plus account commenting on a youtube video that he is due in court, as well as the statement he made under louisthemush on the previous article it goes to show that Scott has been in trouble with the law on numerous occasions


And if you remember that statement that he made under louisthemush here> Well here is Scott on his google plus account (Nov 2nd 2014) talking about the getoutofdebtfree forum that I have just linked


Screenshot (30)

Screenshot (31)Screenshot (33)Screenshot (34)So I’m guessing what is going on here is that Rachael doesn’t have a clue that Scott has ever been to court or knows anything about his past because she has said that he has never been to court and when asked she said his name isn’t Peter Kearney but has admitted to Scott Simpson using several false names, namely on this occasion James Alexander and Scott James.  

Incidentally we have already made connections to the names James Alexander and Scott James which have connected to the names and/or usernames and websites belonging to Scott Simpson, louisthemush, and Scott Alexander that registered the websites and under false names and addresses as well as writing bogus reviews on these websites. I do however have my reservations about what Rachael has said about Scott Simpsons real name not being Peter Kearney, But for the time being I’ll have to assume that this is indeed the case and that his real name is Scott Simpson, and I will present you evidence for you to come to your own conclusions about what really is going on here.

Something else I must add is that Rachael’s name appears on one of Scott Simpsons reviews on his new website and both Rachael and Denise from these reviews are friends with Scott Simpson on facebook as you can see here in the 2nd screenshot in the chatbox bottom right and I’ll also add a wayback link to his website

Screenshot (222)scott16What Both Rachael and Denise have to do with this scam is debatable, they could be innocent bystanders in all of this and I’m hoping they are, but there is a possibility that they are involved and the only person at this stage that is involving them as far as I can see is Scott Simpson of gambledhorses and simply because if it wasn’t for Scotts scamming I would have no idea who Rachael or Denise are, or how they are or aren’t involved in all of this.

So let’s see how Peter Kearney and Scott Simpson match up assuming they are different people.

  • Both have offered a telephone service for horse racing tips
  • Both have used false names, with Peter Kearney we had James Alexander, and then the use of both of those first names for the name Peter James
  • With Scott Simpson we’ve seen several names used, but for this example we’ll go with Scott Alexander and James Alexander, and both those first names were used for the name Scott James
  • Both have been to court and fined
  • Both have used the name James Alexander
  • Both have tried to defraud the court system, Peter tried to hide behind his company “Active Consultants Limited” to avoid being prosecuted by the court only to get fined extra by the court for doing so and Scott asked for advice on how he could hide his assets from the bailiffs by signing over his assets to his friends through a solicitor

We’ll get back to the link between Peter and Scott at a later stage this is what we know so far from the article about peter and from this wayback machine link to back in 2009

Now I’d like to show you some messages sent to Scott Simpson from some of the investors that Scott scammed
























As you can see these people were not very happy about being scammed by Scott Simpson and who could blame them? Or want to try and help them get their money back that was stolen from them through a deceptive fraud placed on them and their familys by Scott Simpson.

The next thing I want to show you is a conversation between one of the investors (In Green) and Rachael who was at the time in contact with Scott Simpson 
































































So what happened here was Scott banned all his investment members from the group, now that Scott knew that Rachael had received a hand delivered letter to her address, the same address that Scott had put up on the internet for his own websites, and he added Rachael to the group to leave a message to the investors telling her that she could see what he put up, but all of the investors couldn’t see what Scott had wrote, it was only Rachael that could read the message that he left and here is what he bogusly left….

Hi guys, bad news im afraid as you may have suspected, after half the group pulling out and being refunded and some bad choice bets the account is now unrecoverable there is no one feels worse than i do for not making it work but hopefully you did invest from free monies i made you to start with as advised. here is the account screenshots to a now empty account on top of much sickness i was unable to recover it! i feel it is my moral obligation however to pay back the initial investment to those that carried on in their faith in me and i will from my own money asap! for those that have caused much trouble and harrassed my ex girlfriend, you will not be refunded and better be careful in your legal and lawful standing! and if you do not stand in yours then that is up to you, do not gamble if you cannot afford to lose, as i have won some and lost some. it was a gamble and it didnt pay off some due to my sickness and not able to put the time in and some due to the low bank of moneies left to work with as those that took the micheal got out and got paid back which brings me to the damage one person has done trying to link me with some peter curvery or something just as by coincedence james shared the same name as one of his aliases had i been that way inclined i could have given false i.ds and took all monies from the very beginning.. gambled horses will now cease trading and anyone who wants the actual method for their money may have so…i cannot be fairer than that the 8 months free work i have done will not be invoiced for as per our agreement. i will communicate only through the good doctor and again as this other idiot who is chsing the wrong person is harrassing now and when i fond him his life wont be worth living! i am sorry we didnt make this a profitable journey.

Now you see the inconsistencies with the above statement that Scott left for Rachael to see, is that not one single person pulled out of the investment group, they were all banned when Scott found out that they were onto him, and in the screenshot of the betting account he gave, there was no username or how much money was in the account, the betting account was suppose to hold £10,000 from ten investors that gave Scott £1,000 each. Granted some of the screenshots of that account are blurry but the ones provided to Rachael that she so kindly passed on to the investors didn’t add up to a £10,000 loss. What I could make out was a £1,200 loss. So the question is where is the rest of the money? You’ll also notice in the above statement that Scott is blaming a sickness for the gamble not paying off, and here was everyone thinking that the codes would not let anyone down even if Scott was sick, they are suppose to work after all, those magical codes, you’ll also notice he mentions “peter curvery” making sure it’s spelled incorrectly, maybe in case Rachael looks the real name up, and goes onto to say gambled horses will cease trading…well it’s not ceased trading, in fact Scott wants trading to pick up as we speak and all of his groups are still open for the business for scamming people as well as his website. And again another threat to myself for exposing his scam, my life won’t be worth living! Anyway let me show you the screenshots for the account…bet3bet4bet5bet6


bet2This was in April when Scott decided to let the investment members know about the losses, but the bets were placed in January when as Scott says the codes don’t work too well due to the bad weather, So it doesn’t add up. Something else I’d like to add is that if you were in anyway professional about your betting at all, you would never bet random amounts like we have seen in these screenshots, random sums ranging from £10 to £600, a professional would bet level stakes on all bets to make their money not random stakes like we see here.

Now then, do you remember in the above statement when Scott Simpson said he was sick well he texted his ex girlfriend Rachael and told her he was in Huddersfield hospital….




















































































As you can imagine the phones started ringing off their hooks at the hospital once the investors got hold of the news, most wanted to wish Scott a speedy recovery and to see how he was doing and I would imagine some even wanted to pay him a visit, they called looking for all the names he’s used in the past and all the names we assume he’s used but to no avail, for days they kept ringing but there was not a sign of him anywhere, nobody using his name had been admitted to Huddersfield hospital.

To be honest I didn’t think he would be in hospital because there’s no cure in there for being a scammer not that I know of anyway (prison maybe?)

Another thing about that statement that Scott made was that the investment members were trying to get a screenshot from Rachael because she was the only one that could see it as all the members in the group are barred from posting and seeing messages in the group while appearing like they’re still members there, this request came to no avail, but you can see that Rachael does text the last part of Scott Simpsons statement to one of the members asking for a screenshot.





















































































So here is Scott all better after everything settled down for him posting back on his facebook group pages letting all his members know that he was sick too



















As you can see it was back to business for Scott Simpson trying to scam more people through his so called free service on facebook from his death bed no doubt after he said he was closing his business down. Here is Scott advertising his so called e-book during Aintree Grand National…























With no end in sight it’s back to the same old scam of rinse and repeat with Scott Simpson, but you see Scott has absolutely no problem whatsoever taking money from anybody and that includes people with no jobs that have been tricked out of their claims for social assistance as you can see from the comment that Scott has left on the following video dated the 3rd of January 2015

Screenshot (37)And if you read the comment below that one dated the 31st of December 2014 you’ll see him mentioning that it’s his 40th birthday, this is consistent with what Rachael told us about Scott Simpsons birthday being the 1/1/1975

Do you remember when Scott told me that I don’t have the code because it has never been released?

















Why then is Scott Simpson telling people that he is selling an e-book and asking them to buy his e-book about his code on his facebook groups and his websites?

Screenshot (44)Screenshot (45)Screenshot (205)Oh look there’s Denise again, One of the investors actually sent me a copy of the contract that they had to sign and return to Scott, and I’m going to share it with you here as an act of prevention, so if you ever receive a copy you’ll be aware that it’s all a scam, you’ll see Denise’s name as pictured above named in the contract, it appears at number 14 section 2

Gambled Horses Investment Club Partnership Agreement

Now therefore it is agreed, The name of the Partnership will be GAMBLED HORSES INVESTMENT CLUB, and shall hereby be referred to as “The Partnership”, “Club”, or Gambled Horses Investment Club”. Those participating in the Sample Investment Club shall hereby be referred to as “members”, or “partners”.

  1. Term: The Partnership shall begin by may the 1st, 2015. Prior to any anniversary date thereafter, the Partners may vote to terminate the Partnership. Written notice of the meeting where termination is to be considered shall be sent to all members. A two-thirds majority shall rule in this matter. Should a vote to terminate carry, payment shall be made for all liabilities of the Partnership. Assets should be liquidated and disbursed by or before December 31st of the year the vote to terminate is carried.

  2. Purpose: The only purpose of the partnership shall be to invest the assets of the partnership solely in Horse Racing investments, I,E bets of horses only, for the education and benefit of the Partners.

  3. Meetings: Periodic meetings shall be held as determined by the Partnership.

  4. Contributions: An initial buy-in of one thousand pounds, £1,000, is required of all Partners and becomes part of their Capital Account. Incoming Partners must pay before commencement of the investment club for the buy-in amount by August 14th 2015 by either cheque, bank transfer or skrill/ money bookers account, payable to the club account or either the club president. Scott Alexander. Upon the death of a Partner, their contribution shall be sent to a chosen next of kin or account shall be terminated and remaining revenue returned to next of kin upon the partners pre-chosen instructions.

  5. Valuation: The current value of the assets and property of the Partnership, less the current value of debts and liabilities of the Partnership, herein referred to as Value of the Partnership, shall be determined as of the statement date of the Financial Partner’s monthly statement. The aforementioned date shall be referred to as Valuation Date.

  6. Capital Accounts: There shall be maintained in the name of each Partner, a Capital Account. Any increase or decrease in the value of the Partnership on any Valuation Date shall be credited or debited, respectively, to each Partner’s account in proportion to the value of each Partner’s account on said date. Each Partner’s contribution shall be credited to that Partner’s Capital Account.

  7. Management: Each Partner shall participate in the management and conduct of the affairs of the Partnership on an equal basis. Decisions shall be made by a majority of the Partnership membership present at meetings. Voting will be administered as outlined in the Club Operating Procedures.

  8. Profits/Losses: Net profits and losses of the Partnership shall inure to, and be borne by, the Partner’s in proportion to the credit balances in their Capital Account.

  9. Books of Account: Books of account of the transactions of the Partnership shall be kept, and made available for inspection or examination by any Partner at the meeting date. The Financial Partner will utilize financial management software approved by the Partnership.

  10. Annual Accounting: At the first business meeting of each calendar year a full and complete account of the condition of the Partnership shall be made to members.

  11. Club Account: The Partnership may select an Institution for the purpose of opening a Partnership account. Funds deposited in said account shall be withdrawn by checks signed by the Financial Partner or other appointed Partners.

  12. Broker Account: The Partnership may select a broker and enter into such agreements with said broker as required to carry out transactions approved by the Partnership. Securities purchased by the Partnership may be held in the name of the Partnership. The Financial Partner, or appointed Partners, shall perform ministerial functions of giving orders to the broker for transaction which have been authorized by a majority of the Partnership present at the meeting. The Financial Partner shall provide a statement to the Partners at the next meeting showing transactions between the broker and the Financial Partner.

  13. Compensation: No Partner shall be compensated for services rendered to the Partnership, except for reimbursement of authorized expenses.

  14. Withdrawal: Partners agree to maintain membership for two (2) years. A Partner leaving prior to their two-year anniversary date will be paid according to the Operating Procedures payout schedule. Any Partner withdrawing from the Partnership after the initial two years of membership will receive payment as outlined in the SIC Operating Procedures. Withdrawal must be a written and signed request. Resignation must be received in time to be an agenda item and will be accepted at that time.

  1. Death or Incapacity: In the event of death or mental or physical incapacity, or if a Partner is unable to participate actively in the Partnership for reasons to be approved by a two-thirds majority of Partners, one-hundred percent (100%) of said Partners account, less expenses incurred to liquidate assets to satisfy said account shall be made available for payment to the Partner’s estate.

  2. Death or incapacity: In the event of death or mental or physical incapacity to the operating club president, All outstanding account monies due to all individuals including initial investments and all indemnities shall be returned within one month of the passing. All club partners should in this case contact the next of kin which is namely: Denise Booth of 39, Brierley road Shafton, Barnsley S72- 8QW telephone 07593809940..

  1. Officers: Presiding Partner, Presiding Partner Elect, and Recording Partner will be elected annually at the last meeting of the calendar year. Officers will assume office at the next regularly scheduled meeting. Officers may succeed themselves in the same office. The Financial Partner shall be elected every two years and their two year term will run from April 1st to March 31st. Officers assume the responsibilities outlined in the Club Operating Procedures.

  2. Auditing: Within thirty, (30), days prior to the annual accounting, an auditing committee comprised of two non-officer Partners, appointed by the Presiding Partner, shall inspect the Club’s financial records in conjunction with the Financial Partner.

  3. Additional Partners: Additional Partners may be added as outlined in the Club Operating Procedures.

  4. Policies and Procedures: The Partnership may adopt Policies and Procedures of Operation by a majority vote. Those adopted Policies and Procedures will become a part of this Agreement and be known as Investment Club Operating Procedures (Club Operating Procedures).

  5. Amendments: Annually, The Partnership may review and amend this Club Agreement by a majority vote.

  6. Operating procedures: Upon receipt of all partners initial investments, the club president namely Scott Alexander shall deposit a maximum amount of £10,000 with each and any one bookmaker chosen herein, The president only shall have access to operating said account and have full privilege of execution of said account. Each account shall be shown to each partner on the last day Sunday of every month from the start date of April 1st 2015. One day per month shall be chosen at all partners convenience to discuss any issues and operation of the account with any suggestion of improvement taken for consideration, however ultimately the club president shall have final judgment based upon the considerations of a majority vote from partners. Payment of profit from investment shall be made at 50% off net profit made on the last day of each working week, this payment shall include less of 20% commission fees taken by the club president and club executioner of investments, namely Scott Alexander. In the case of operating broker account being terminated current book maker, a period of one month should be allowed to make arrangements for setting up new accounts to operate the investment club from, including arranging all actions/paperwork to be arranged if necessary and or arranging staff to distribute bets by means of cash stationed at various race courses if the need arises.

  7. Forbidden Acts; No Partner shall:

  1. Have the right or authority to bind or obligate the Partnership to any extent whatsoever with regard to any matter outside the scope of the Partnership business.

  2. Assign, transfer, pledge, mortgage or sell all or part of their interest in the Partnership to any other person(s).

  3. Purchase an investment for the Partnership where less than the full purchase price is paid for the same.

  4. Use the Partnership name, credit or property for other than Partnership purposes.

  5. Commit any act detrimental to the best interest of the Partnership or which would make it impossible to carry on the business or affairs of the Partnership.

This Agreement of Partnership is hereby declared and shall be binding upon the respective heirs, executors, administrators and personal representatives of the Partners.

In witness whereof, the Partners have caused this Agreement of Partnership to be executed as of the date indicated.

It is therefore agreed the following upon signing, form a General Partnership, in and accordance, with the laws of the united kingdom

_______________________________________ ________________________________________

_______________________________________ ________________________________________

_______________________________________ ________________________________________

_______________________________________ ________________________________________

_______________________________________ ________________________________________

This Partnership Agreement was originated August 14sth2015 This version of gambled horses Investment Club Operating Procedures supersede all previous documents.

Club President.

Scott Alexander________________________

And there’s that name again Scott Alexander, but I’d like you to pay particular attention to how many times the word “Partnership” appears in the above document and even the word “Partner“, because you will remember from before about the language patterns that we’ve encountered before, well there are more to come concerning these words.

To do this we need to remind ourselves of Peter Kearney again and his first company “Active Consultants Limited“, you see it’s not the only company Peter Kearney has owned as you can see from the following link if you look at one of his companies here you’ll see it’s linked to betting and gambling activities here is some more about the companies, if you start from the formation of the company and look through the files you’ll begin to see some very dodgy appointments and debts

Changes of address is nothing new to either Scott Simpson or Peter Kearney it would seem as the following example will provide, Peter Kearney’s active company “Partnership Ventures Limited” has also had a change of address in it’s formation from 39a Gardner Road to 2 Gardner Road if you follow the pdf files from the bottom to the top you’ll see how the addresses have changed for yourself all in the space of a week from the formation of the company

Of course this is nothing new to Peter Kearney’s companies as all of his previous companies have had changes of addresses sometimes even happening more than once in their lifetime of operation

One of his companies in particular interested me and it was “Boldgrade House Limited“, after some research I found this address associated to it but then something peculiar happened because I found this whois for a website belonging to the same company but using a different address for the website

You see Peter Kearney has used that address before 2 The Rowans, Gardner Road, Liverpool, L37 8DD, United Kingdom but it was for his previous company “Active Consultants Limited” and if we visit that website we’ll see that Peter is using the name Peter James and using words like “millionaire” and “partners” but you see the thing about that website is that the address associated to it does not belong to the business it was registered with, something that Scott Simpson has done on numerous occasions and also the name Peter James does not exist and is no way associated to the website or the business that the website is listed under.

I wanted to see how the website looked in the past and found this on screenshot from 2013 on the wayback machine Under the large heading of “Facts you need to know….” you’ll see the following “THIS IS A UNIQUE, SUCCESS – PROVEN SYSTEM WHICH MAKES SIGNIFICANT MONEY EASILY……. SO “PARTNERS” SIGN A CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT.

Now Scott Simpson is no stranger to confidentiality agreements as you can see from the following….


















And here is the wikipedia for a non disclosure agreement just to avoid any confusion, because they are both the exact same things a confidentiality agreement is a non disclosure agreement

Something else about this website that links Peter Kearney and his companies to Scott Simpson is what it says at the top of the last box on the website “The proof of the pudding


On Scott Simpsons previous website in 2009 here is a screenshot that was taken at the time, I want to draw your attention to the 2nd last paragraph on here and 2nd last sentence

I think you’re beginning to see “The proof of the pudding“, now let me show you how Scott Simpson likes to use the word “millionaire” just from language he’s using today….







































As you can see it’s all a pack of lies and Scott Simpson is still looking for people to scam, his only argument for not proving that he’s a scammer is to call the people that shine a light on his scam, scammers themselves, so let’s remind ourselves of the similarities between Peter Kearney and Scott Simpson once more except this time with some more similarities added for good measure…

  • Both have offered a telephone service for horse racing tips
  • Both operate websites that ask you to call them
  • Both use the words “partners” and “millionaires” freaquently
  • Both have used false names with Peter Kearney we had James Alexander and then the use of both of those first names for the name Peter James
  • With Scott Simpson we’ve seen several names used, but for this example we’ll go with Scott Alexander and James Alexander and both those first names were used for the name Scott James
  • Both have been to court and fined
  • Both have tried to defraud the court system, Peter tried to hide behind his company “Active Consultants Limited” to avoid being prosecuted by the court only to get fined extra by the court for doing so and Scott asked for advice on how he could hide his assets from the bailiffs by signing over his assets to his friends through a solicitor
  • Both have used the name James Alexander
  • Both of them used the phrase “The proof of the pudding” on their websites
  • Both use non disclosure agreements
  • Peter Kearney’s new company that is now active is called “Partnership Ventures Limited” the word “Partnership” appears in Scott Simpsons contract that he sent to the investors 43 times!

The discrepancies that we see with Peter Kearney and Scott Simpson is that Peter Kearney has registered his businesses as a 70 year old man, whereas Scott Simpson is a 40 year old man, there is also a discrepancy where Peter Kearney is somehow allowed to register other companies after being convicted of fraud, but with so many address changes and director changes within his companies this could be easily over looked, and what scammer isn’t complete without some false ID to set up these companies and/or hide behind them, In any regard even if Peter Kearney and Scott Simpson are 2 different people, it does not take away from the fact that both of them have been scamming people and in Scott Simpsons case, continues to this day to try and scam people, but don’t just take my word for it that the examples I’m giving you here today involving members of an investment group is an isolated incident, here is someone that got scammed by James Alexander back in 2010…..

Untitled-66Do you see where this person is telling people on this forum about the crap system that he provided that included recovery by escalating stakes?

Well here is one of Scott Simpsons sites telling you exactly the same thing….

As i hit very regular on all codes i would not putting you of increasing your stake, for instance i personally play an increase on each separate code, so my win bets for instance l will play £10, if loses then £20, if loses then £30, £40 (always increasing initial stake) and stop at a winner then restart. for instance £10 win @ 2/1 loses next bet £20 win at 3/1 wins so £80 returned rather than just £40 returned, i do this with confidence as i know my hit % very well after 15 years in the business…we do make on the whole level stakes profits so level staking £10 on each is fine also and will just show a lesser profit..

Also he is talking about a non disclosure agreement, we’ve heard about those before from both Scott Simpson and Peter Kearney, But how can I put it? Oh yea, “The proof is in the pudding

Let me show you more proof in the pudding here is Scotts new websites and (in construction) that he is advertising on one of his groups that he’s got EDIT: The website has been deleted by Scott Simpson since he was made aware of this article on the 14th of May 2016

Untitled-67And here is the whois for the website as you can see the address is stoneacre, wick hill farm, cudworth, south yorkshire, S72 8TY, United Kingdom and I did a search for the address, guess what? It does not exist the closest match I could find to the address is this one but there is certainly no “Stoneacre, Wich Hill Farm” in Cudworth South Yorkshire.


Don’t forget we have seen another cudworth address used for

scott 20


And just so we know we’re talking about the correct person here, here’s one of Scott Simpsons first blogspot blogs from 2009 advertising he’s even uploaded a picture of himself.





I’d like to show you most of what I captured from our earlier conversation with Scott and James if you remember the 4th screenshot of this article I told you there was deleted content, well this is because Scott Simpson deleted his James Alexander profile from facebook (the name that was linking him to the Peter Kearney article) and the comments no longer appear, you will see Scott Simpson having a conversation with himself

scott 15scott 16scott 17scott 18scott 19 blockedAnd there we have it, you can see how angry he gets using all capital letters and another article will follow on from this when i expose “The Codes” and tell you all about them for free, I couldn’t possibly charge you for the information as it’s useless information, and it’s freely available on the internet anyway, but that is for another day and I will show you plenty more examples of him having conversations with himself as well as even more lies he tells as I expose the codes .












If Scott Simpson is reading this then I’d just like to say “Scott you owe me £100”, and I accept paypal.

And so as I’ve come to the end of this article exposing the gambled horses scam for what it is, what i’d like to say to you is if you’re a member of any of Scott Simpsons groups, please report them as a scam and please do no encourage him by liking or commenting on his posts, If it’s anything that you should be commenting on in his groups, it should be to share this article to let other members know of his scam, he might call me all sorts of names and such, telling people that I’m trying to ruin him but the truth of the matter is, I’m doing this so he doesn’t ruin other peoples lives financially, so if you are a member of any racing forum or his groups please share this as you will be helping people avoid his scam in the future.

NOTE: On the following facebook post I invite all investment members that have seen this article to verify its contents, here is a link to the facebook page also

If you have been scammed by Scott Simpson, James Alexander, Scott AlexanderScott James, Peter Kearney, or Peter James then please report the fraud to the police or the trading standards and

Thank you for taking the time to read all of this, there will be more about this scam and the codes coming soon.