The scam of and

by Patrick on March 14, 2016

Scott Simpson, James Alexander, Peter James, Scott James, Scott Alexander, or his real name Peter Kearney, call him what you will, But i call him a cheating lying scumbag scammer because, quite simply that is what he is! This post will put to bed any doubts around what he is up to concerning his websites,, and as well as his group pages on facebook…. (I’m not going to link any of his websites or groups, he doesn’t deserve any link juice from me.)

Peter Kearney came onto my facebook page under the names Scott Simpson and James Alexander back in february the page is here you can read for yourself what he said, it’s in the comments of the post made on the 16th of december 2015 here >>> Gambled horses codes lies <<<

The most important part is what he says first Gambledhorses

Now seeing as i’m a man of my word, i will now show you that he is indeed lying when he says that “this guy who hides behind his lying identity as we do not at gambled horses has a serious case of envy, he has taken as much negative information from years before we bought the domains gambled horses on a proofing of the previous owner who was testing a method given to him to test if it proofed well or this fiction of a person cannot come clean by his own admission so we question his intentions that he is in fact sending fictional slanderous information around to protect his own interest”.

Hopefully you’ve been reading all about how he’s scammed people in the past if not you should read this before we continue forward.


So just from reading the article that i have just linked, 3 names are mentioned, Peter Kearney,  James Alexander, and Peter James. 3 names down 3 to go……

Ok so now we have a little history on Peter and how he likes to use different names, so lets get down to it.

In the above screenshot when Scott Simpson (real name Peter Kearney) says that a “previous owner” was testing a method on a domain before he bought it from him, he is lying and i will prove to you beyond doubt that he is lying, he is lying not just to me but to everybody. The domain he is referring to is Let me show you the whois for that domain scott 20

Yes i know it looks like 2 different people from south yorkshire have owned the website on 2 different occasions between 2008 and 2016, but there is more to the above image than meets the eye, you will notice on the right that the data validation is not validated and as such this domain ceased to exist because nominet will not allow a domain to operate under a false name and that is why we are seeing that warning about the data validation, so lets carry on, next i want to show you the whois from scott 21

The above image we can see 2 different addresses from the same person Scott Alexander with the same address from the previous image on So we have matching addresses from the and the .com domains of gambled horses. I must admit it is looking good for what Scott Simpson said to me on my page about someone else owning domain before him, from just these 2 whois lookups it would appear that way, but the more i looked into this the more dodgy it became. Lets take note of the registry registrant number just above his name “275686” for the time being. On to the next whois and now what do we have here……scott22

We have the same registry registrant number 275686 but how can that be? when there is another name with the same address associated with it, you will also notice that the e-mail accounts are different one is “” and the other is So lets put some faces to the names, or should i say “let’s put one face to a couple of names”.

This following facebook account is Scott Simpson from here is what he looks like muggins

And the following is James Alexander from Gambledhorses facebook group who is also an admin of the group.

muggins 2

I’ll let you make up your own mind on these screenshots taken from facebook. Just to make sure we have the right person here is a screenshot with the same e-mail “tradetownmail” that we have seen before, even the pictures match up.gambledhorses1

So that is Scott and James but let me introduce you to Mr.Scott James this image was taken by the wayback machine it lets you know how a website looked in the past. scottjames2 What a coincidence i would of had to make my payments made by cheque postal order to Mr Scott James from Something else that is quite strange about all of this is the fact that in the original post on my facebook page is that Scott and James are trying to convince me and other people that they are two totally different people. If that wasn’t remarkable enough here we have James posting tips to his facebook group page but if you look at the top right of this picture you will see the name “Scott”, it’s the login for his browser.scottjames

This was all going on while James was telling his group members that Scott was on holidays, another thing on his group page is this e-mail “”. But who is Scott Alexander? We know there are only 2 admins on his group page, Scott Simpson and James Alexander, Could it be that there is a third person involved in all of this? Or from what we have read so far could this be another fake ID that Peter Kearney is using to pull off a scam?scott11

So far we have the names Peter James, Scott James, Scott Simpson, Scott Alexander, James Alexander, and his real name Peter Kearney all somehow mixed up in all of this, but now things get a lot more interesting, we already know that Peter Kearney was convicted of 2 counts of fraud and that he used the names James Alexander and Peter James, and we already know about Scott Simpson and James Alexander, and now it’s time to reveal who Scott Alexander is….alexander

This is absolutely amazing, well to me it is, but i won’t influence your decision on all of this i am just here to present the evidence to you, so what we have here is the same picture of James Alexander and Scott Alexander, but no matching pictures of Scott Simpson although it does seem to be the same person, so here’s what i did i went to Scott Simpsons pictures and had a look to see what i could find, this is what i found….scottsimpson


Wow just wow, talk about painting a clear picture, but this is far from finished, what will follow will amaze you, this is where he proofed his selections from 2009 to 2013 and where i got the information for the previous posts on this website >> <<  And if you click on this link you will see that there is a link at the top of the page that says “proofed to the racing index” dated the 3rd of feb 2012 He even makes these claims “We believe we have finally cracked it. For every true gambled horse in any race the bookmaker must keep his over round percentage figures on the book therefore unwittingly giving us the edge and sight of the horse that has attracted the “real” money and not bookmakers false money..”

Now i’m going to paraphrase here just so we remember this further down the line “For every true gambled horse” I’m making a note of this. Also on that page in the previous link it states “or email for the gold service and how to pay as you go!” “Gold service” sounds good right?

This next link that i will share with you will absolutely astound you it’s dated the 22nd of dec 2009 and if you recall from the proofing we have seen on the racing index link above the proofing started in 2009 and if you also recall at the top of this post there is a screenshot and link to my facebook page with Scott Simpson denying anything to do with this proofing or the website associated with it, you will see that he is also offering a gold service of sorts and near the bottom of the page you will see this “Winning commissions should then be sent cash recorded delivery to Scott simpson, gambled horses, bbic, snydale road, cudworth, barnsley, south yorkshire, s72-8rp. Tel 01226 715555” here is the link

Now where have i heard that address before? oh yes here it is scott 20

Ok it’s close enough but the wayback machine doesn’t lie, it shows how a website has looked in the past on any particular date it has made a capture of the site on its server and in the previous link Scott Simpson has signed his name alongside “Gambled Horses” on Busted.

But there is more, much more about this deceit. Here is a link that i found online you only have to read what it says under the video I did a search for and came up with this url metrics website based in the uk.moneyhorses

Then i did a search for “LOUISTHEMUSH” and came up with this link as you can see Louisthemush (aka Scott Simpson aka Peter Kearney) has left a coupon for the website Here is the whois for that website

dreambedzzAnd here is the whois for scott 21


As you can see it’s a match for the address. And if we look at the Dreambedzzz registrant it’s “trade town” here is something quite interesting……




And here is tradetownmail e-mail address….


scott 21

Now i’m going to show you a screen shot of Peter Kearney’s new site it’s called He changed websites after i informed about this website back in february even though if you look at the expiry date of his domain in the above image he still had well over a month to go before the domain expired, by now the truth was being told and once again Peter decided a change was in order. In the screen shot below you will see a review have a read……..


James by miracles of miracles owned a bed business, i’m sure you’re beginning to see that James has indeed spent far to much time in beds, because i have yet to meet a person that could dream all of this up, so to tie all of this up because we started with “LOUISTHEMUSH” we’re going to have a look at who Louisthemush is…….louis

Pretty amazing right? Well here is the wayback link to the bed business website you will see a video there it links to here and here’s a sreenshot youtube1


Now here is a screenshot of that users account note the username in the browser address bar…..”louislestat123″




With that username in mind here is a link to back in october of 2009 if you read the 2nd last paragraph starting with “This brand new service is the only one of its kind” and ending with “or all horses being true gambles and guess what?” Can you remember before in our conversation he said “for every true gambled horse” and now he’s saying basically the same thing “all horses being true gambles” well here is a link that you need to scroll all the way down the page to read the last comment, even at the top of the page he is advertising and i’ll give you a screenshot here too louislestat123


Signed by scott but can you see the language patterns here? “true gambles”. But still Peter aka Scott Simpson would want to have you believe that someone else owned the site before he did, and what scam isn’t complete without a bonus? Everybody loves a bonus thrown in, well if you remember our little friend Louisthemush *cough* *cough* (Peter Kearney aka Scott Simpson and a lot of other aliases too) If you can recall Peter Kearney (His real name) was convicted for fraud not just once but twice, he tried to hide behind a company and got fined for trying to commit fraud on the court that way but here we have the same person trying to commit fraud again by way of deceiving the bailiffs by hiding his possessions through his friends the link is here and a screen shot louisthemush


The same patterns…..and if you read his second post on the above link you will see he is talking about “freemasons” well James or should i say “Peter” has accused myself of being a freemason too.



Crazy right? Now lets take a look at what peter says about his codes……lies4

And here is Peter, sorry James saying he was crap at maths lies5

And here is Peter, sorry Louislestat123 aka lots of other names……Telling us all that every system breaks down eventually.lies11

For someone that isn’t any good at maths, he certainly tries his best to hoodwink you into thinking that the codes are some mathematical genius on his behalf that is a closely guarded secret that only the privileged few and he should know, at a cost of course.


And now if you’re up for a right good giggle at this awful state of affairs have a read of this i would ask you to pay particular attention to number 3 on this list, it’s mostly a ramble but i’m sure you’ll get the point. I’ve also added some screen shots rambleramble2

And with that i think if you have ever been scammed by this guy or know someone that has been scammed by this guy, report him to the police and give the police this post, there is enough evidence here on this post to help the police with their line of inquiry. My thoughts on this matter are that Peter Kearney (Aka Scott Simpson, James Alexander, Scott Alexander, Peter James, Scott James, Louisthemush)  is a lying, cheating, lowlife, scumbag, scammer that shouldn’t even be trusted to mind the next door neighbors cat never mind an investment fund, but i’ll let you make up your own mind about him, you can leave comments here on my facebook page and please do not fall for this guys scam because as i write this post he is scamming people.

EDIT: Since this article has been published Peter Kearney has deleted his “James Alexander” facebook account and has deleted his profile pictures that appear on this article from his “Scott Simpson” facebook account.